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Elk Grove School Traffic Safety

Elk Grove School Traffic Safety


We recently discovered that the City of Elk Grove has assembled a School Traffic Safety Committee which members include employees of the Elk Grove Unified School District, the City of Elk Grove, Elk Grove Unified School District Police and Elk Grove Police Department. The committee’s task is to look at issues regarding traffic safety, especially those traffic safety issues occurring near and around the Elk Grove Unified School District’s schools our children attend.

We find this committee to be a very helpful way to protect and educate our students and the community in their daily travels to and from school, whether by car, bus, walking or biking.

This committee is dedicated to exploring solutions to resolve or lessen the severity of safety and traffic issues in our community near our local schools.

By following the 5 “E’s” the committee is well on their way to achieving their safety-oriented traffic solutions:

EDUCATION – Educate students and drivers in the practice of safety skills to be used in or around our public schools. Use student safety campaigns and driver safety programs.

ENCOURAGEMENT – Use contests and events to encourage and motivate students to walk or bicycle to and from school.

ENGINEERING – Make improvements around and near the school i.e., reduce speed limits in school zones, explore ways to make school crosswalks and passageways safer.

ENFORCEMENT – Ask our local police department and law enforcement officers to help encourage the community to follow our local traffic laws.

EVALUATION – By charting our progress and success in using the above strategies aimed at achieving maximum school traffic safety we can properly review our successes and failures through the collection of data for maximum outcomes. We learn by better understanding the attitudes in the community towards our goals and monitor what is working best and what is not.

For further information and to monitor the activities of this School Traffic Safety Committee simply log on to the EGUSD and/or COEG website. If you have a concern about a particular traffic issue at or near an Elk Grove Public School please contact the Traffic Safety Committee by email at:

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