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Elk Grove Man Awarded Carnegie Medal After Burning Truck Rescue

Elk Grove Resident Rewarded for Saving Three People from a Burning Truck

For his selfless bravery, a man from Elk Grove is being rewarded the prestigious Carnegie Medal after he rescued a family from their burning truck several years ago. The Carnegie Medal is awarded to Americans and Canadians who put their lives at risk to save or attempt to rescue others. Honorees are given a financial grant in addition to the medal. Established by philanthropist and industrialist Andrew Carnegie, the fund has awarded $41.8 million in grants, death benefits, scholarship aids and assistance since it was established 116 years ago.

Elk Grove Man Is Only Californian Being Honored

Jeffrey Garrett of Elk Grove, age 47, is the man whose heroism is being recognized with the Carnegie Medal for his rescue of three people from a burning truck. On October 21, 2018, he woke to the sound of a vehicle accident around 5:40 in the morning along Laguna Boulevard behind his house. He went out back, crossed over the fence in his backyard and spotted a truck that had crashed into a tree and caught on fire. 

Resident Near the Crash Site Discovers Burning Truck

Garrett reportedly heard a man coughing, and from the left side of his backyard, he could see the burning truck, which was fully engulfed. The Carnegie Medal commission reported that a fire had broken out in the engine compartment of the vehicle. A couple, along with an adult son, were inside at the time. Garrett went first to assist the son of the couple, who then asked him to help his parents.

Three People Removed From Burning Vehicle

Garrett found an unresponsive, injured woman when he opened the rear door of the truck. He removed the woman’s seat belt and carried her to safety. He opened the driver’s side door to extricate the injured man from the burning truck but had to move the man’s leg first because it was in direct contact with the flames, which had passed through from the passenger compartment. After Garrett removed the seat belt that was restraining the man, he pulled him out of the truck and to his feet. 

It was reported that by the time police and firefighters had arrived, the flames had engulfed the cab of the truck. The three people riding in the vehicle were transported to a hospital for evaluation and treatment. One of them had suffered injuries that were life-threatening as a result of the accident.

Causes of Car Accidents

Most motor vehicle accidents are due to driver error. The motorist is distracted, is speeding, runs a red light or is even drunk driving. There are some accidents that are caused by an outside influence. One of those is a mechanical problem due to a parts defect. In those cases, the manufacturer and others can be held responsible for injuries through a product liability lawsuit. Other outside influences can include:

  • A hit-and-run driver that flees the accident scene
  • Roadway negligence by a government entity such as potholes, poor lighting, and missing road signs
  • An aggressive driver that forces another motorist off the road
  • Medical problems caused by being prescribed the wrong medication or incorrect dosage

Finding the Cause of an Accident

A lawyer experienced in handling motor vehicle crashes can investigate to determine the cause of an accident injury. We send our own investigators to collect the evidence needed to support your claim. This includes performing accident reconstruction, searching for video footage from cameras in the area and reviewing the police report for mistakes. After all the evidence has been collected, our lawyers use it to construct a case in favor of our client, whether it is for insurance negotiations or to present in court.

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