Elk Grove Major Trauma Crash Occurs Between Two Vehicles

Franklin Boulevard Location of Elk Grove Major Trauma Crash

An Elk Grove major trauma crash occurred along Franklin Boulevard on January 27 in an accident involving two vehicles. The accident happened between a Chevy heavy-duty pickup and a Toyota Prius, according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP). It occurred around 1:28 p.m. between Kenneth Way and the entrance to Willard Parkway, blocking the road. 

Both Vehicles Show Front-End Damage in Elk Grove Major Trauma Crash

Both vehicles exhibited heavy front-end damage in the crash. The CHP traffic accident unit is conducting an investigation into the collision to determine what happened to cause it and to assign fault. 

Common Negligence in Two-Vehicle Accidents

After an Elk Grove major trauma crash involving two vehicles, determining who is at fault is crucial to those injured so they can receive the compensation they deserve. In an Elk Grove major injury crash, an accident attorney can investigate the collision to determine negligence, which allows injured parties to place a compensation claim. Common types of negligence that lead to a collision include:

  • Because the driver was texting, talking to passengers, or checking their GPS, they were not paying attention to the traffic, which led to the collision. 
  • The other vehicle collided with them as a result of tailgating.
  • As traffic slowed ahead, a speeding driver failed to slow down in time to avoid hitting another car.
  • During their driving under the influence of alcohol, an impaired driver alternated between speeding and slowing down and weaving in and out of their lane, ultimately leading to an accident.
  • Another incident occurred when a driver changed lanes without signaling.

The Gathering of Evidence in Injury Claims

An accident attorney must investigate an Elk Grove major trauma crash to determine who was negligent. The accident attorney also needs evidence to support a compensation claim. Without it, the claim will have a low chance of success. 

Collecting Evidence to Support a Client’s Claim

Evidence is essential for insurance companies or juries to provide fair compensation to injured parties. Evidence is collected using the following methods after a major injury crash in Elk Grove. As part of the investigation, it is essential to interview any witnesses to the accident because they might have valuable information about what transpired, such as how the vehicles collided. 

  • Accident scenes have sometimes been filmed by witnesses, which provides strong evidence.
  • Our investigators collect photos of the scene and other evidence after a major injury crash in Elk Grove.
  • An investigation is conducted to determine if a two-vehicle crash was recorded on area businesses and traffic cameras. This evidence can be subpoenaed in a civil case or used to negotiate with the insurance company.
  • The reconstruction of an accident provides investigators with good evidence since the position of the vehicles before and during the accident is shown.
  • To succeed in the claim, the police report must be double-checked for accuracy.

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