Elk Grove Accident Lawyer discusses aging drivers

Elk Grove Accident Lawyer discusses aging drivers

Elk Grove Auto Accident Lawyer discusses aging drivers

I’m Ed Smith, an Elk Grove Accident Lawyer. A common question that I get asked is, “how old is too old too drive?” Sadly, there are no hard and fast rules or magic numbers that apply. My firsthand experience with an aging driver was with my aging uncle.

He had had several tickets the prior year and I decided to ride with him a bit.  After a few mind boggling rides with him, I soon realized it was no longer safe for him to drive. Not only because of his age and failing eye sight, but also because he seemed very unsure of his surroundings.

My uncle  had driven the same route, to the same shopping centers, for years. I noticed that when we drove around together he would comment about all the new construction and roadway changes. The roads that were so familiar to him had slowly become a maze of unfamiliar turf.

He complained that all the kids drove way too fast. But, it was actually him who was driving timidly and way too slow. Cars behind us honked and sometimes flew the universal “your going too slow” sign.

Finally, after two more  red light tickets my uncle, on his own, decided to quit driving because he did not want to continue to pay fines. This was one time that I was truly grateful for the outrageously high ticket prices we have in our state. I was even grateful (for a moment) for the red light cameras.

Because it was the camera that caught and convinced my loved one that he ran a red light. He was even able to see it on video as well as a still shot. I remember telling him on one occasion that he had ran a red light and he told me I was mistaken, that the light was actually yellow.

Asking your loved one to relinquish their driver’s license is not an easy task

Are you having difficulty convincing your aging loved one to relinquish their driver’s license? You might try explaining how seriously concerned you are for their safety and the safety of motorists on the highway. If that doesn’t work and your loved one has some serious health issues you may be able to send a note to your loved ones primary care physician. I know that may sound unkind and invasive but it beats the alternative. A devastating accident where your loved one could die prematurely and seriously injure or kill innocent victims on our roadways.


In this Youtube video: Wrong-Way Crash Caught on Tape, you may watch as an 83-year old man drives his truck the wrong direction on a San Diego, California freeway. A motorist on the opposite side of the freeway caught the entire incident on video. Please note the video is graphic, however, no one was seriously injured.

Whatever you decide to do in this situation, I wish you the best outcome possible. Below I have listed some resources for aging drivers that may help.

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