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How Attorney’s Investigate Electrical Injuries

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December 16, 2014
Edward Smith

Electrical-Injuries-678x1024Electrical Injuries

Electrical injuries are caused by high voltage electricity and can lead to death or serious injury. Small amounts of current, less than 700 ml.  can lead to fibrillation which can sometimes be helped with a defibrillator but current over 1 A, often results in severe burns or death. Personal injury attorney’s rarely deal with electric injuries as they are somewhat rare. Last year there were 3000 admissions to burn centers from electric injuries and 1000 deaths.

Commonly, children and toddlers are injured or severely burned. Home injuries can happen from malfunctioning electric products or appliances, power tools or anywhere there is contact to exposed electrical wiring.

Sometimes there is injury when a power line comes down or falls and touches an automobile as the result of an accident.

Injuries in the workplace are also common.

An attorney handling an electrical injury case might start by consulting some good books that give an overview of these injuries. I have found this book, which is helpful, though it is a bit dated. ( ).

Electrical Injuries: Engineering, Medical and Legal Aspects, Second Edition

Engineering, Medical and Legal Aspects, Second Edition


There are literally thousands of injuries to various parts of the body and to bodily systems that can result.

The most comprehensive book discussing electrical injuries and electrocution is


Electrical Trauma: The Pathophysiology, Manifestations and Clinical


Electrical Trauma The Pathophysiology, Manifestations and Clinical Management

which can be found here. (

Electrical injuries and burns can be very painful and the treatment protracted and expensive. There is often a long and painful recovery.






In any electrical injury case, the attorney investigating should have a copy of the

Electrical Safety Handbook, 4th Edition

Electrical Safety Handbook

at his side, and the attorney should immediately consult with a forensic electrical engineer to help determine the cause of the electrocution. The engineer will be of help in determining if safety rules were violated, whether the victim’s clothing was a factor in the electrocution and whether there is workplace or corporate responsibility.

The American Testing and Materials Association  is also (As of 11/14) developing an extensive manual for electrical accident investigation.

NFPA 70: National Electrical Code®  , put out by the National Fire Safety Organization is another important tool, every electrical injury attorney should be familiar with.

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