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Electric Trucks Growing in Urban Areas

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September 30, 2017
Edward Smith


Electric-Operated Trucks 

The announcement by United Parcel Post that the company will purchase electric-operated trucks from Daimler for their fleet in New York City signals the momentum that is building for using electric power over gasoline, particularly in urban environments.


Electric trucks are in the works for a number of delivery companies for use in urban areas. The companies stress the environmental benefits such as decreasing CO2 emission as well as contributing to efforts at making cities quieter and more livable. Long haul electric trucks are being developed and are expected to reduce the cost of operating a big rig.

United Parcel Post

Daimler AG, a German auto and truck maker, announced on September 14 that it will contract with UPS to produce electric vehicles for the company’s eCantor truck fleet. The vehicles are estimated to be able to go 60 to 80 miles before recharging is necessary and carry between four and six tons of interior cargo, which is slightly less than conventional vehicles. The company estimates that the use of electric-powered vehicles will decrease the running cost by approximately $2,000 per truck. Daimler’s Fuso electric vehicle uses six battery packs (lithium-ion 420- volt batteries) to power the EV. It can reach a maximum speed of 50 mph. Acceleration in the new vehicles, destined to be used in New York City, is expected to rival that of gas-powered trucks.


DHL, a German-based courier service used in multiple countries, including the United States, introduced electric delivery vans in 2016 with an initial 10,000 StreetScooter vehicles. DHL has plans to increase that number to 30,000, ultimately replacing their entire fleet of roughly 92,000 vehicles. In August, Ford announced a joint project with DHL to manufacture EVs. It is an upgrade to the current StreetScooter line called the StreetScooter Work XL, using Ford’s Transit cargo van chassis. The vehicles will reduce the carbon footprint by about 5,000 tons and 502 gallons of fuel per vehicle annually.


Tesla is expected to unveil a new, semi electric-powered truck in October. The vehicle that is capable of moving freight 200 to 300 miles is aimed at short hauls within a regional market. This distance is three times less than diesel-powered trucks without recharging. While Tesla envisions a place in commercial trucking, some factors still must be ironed out, according to automotive experts.

Safety With Electric Vehicles

While electric vehicle numbers are growing, roadway safety concerns remain the same such as speeding or aggressive driving in urban areas due to driver and company expectations for speedy delivery. In addition, failure to maintain the vehicles, including the brakes and tires may lead to accidents.

Injuries From Urban Truck Accidents

Delivery trucks are forced to operate in crowded areas with traffic congestion. Pedestrians are frequently injured in delivery truck accidents. Due to their lack of physical protection, injuries such as traumatic head injury and fractures are common. Children and bicycle riders suffer similar injuries due to their lack of visibility.

Fresno Truck Accident Lawyer

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