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DUI Suspect Crashes Vehicle

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February 04, 2017
Edward Smith

 DUI Suspect Crashes Vehicle

I’m Ed Smith, a Cameron Park personal injury lawyer. An alleged DUI motorist was driving in Cameron Park during the early morning hours of Wednesday, February 1, 2017. The driver appeared to have lost control of the vehicle which led to a violent crash into a woman’s townhouse.

What Happened?

A driver of a white Honda Civic SI coupe was traveling in the vicinity of Cimmarron Road and Cambridge Road shortly before 4:30 am. The motorist crashed their car after driving over a sidewalk, through some bushes and into the living room of a townhouse.

Woman Escapes Injury 

A woman was sleeping on her couch in her living at the time of the crash. When the driver drove through her living room, the vehicle pushed the couch violently that she was sleeping on. The woman woke up to a frightening scene with a car inside her townhouse. The woman ran upstairs after making eye contact with the driver. Thankfully, this woman was not physically injured in this incident.

Bystander Detains Driver

The driver of the vehicle attempted to back the vehicle out of the townhouse. When he realized his vehicle would not operate, he got out of the car and attempted to flee the scene. He did not get too far because a bystander detained him until authorities arrived.

Watch YouTube Video – By: Good Day Sacramento – Man Arrested for DUI After Driving Car into Cameron Park Apartments

What Caused the Crash?

Officers from the California Highway Patrol (CHP) detained the driver of the white Honda Civic SI coupe on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol.

Crash Causes Structural Damage

Unfortunately, the driver that crashed into the woman’s apartment caused severe damage to the place she calls home. The woman’s apartment was red tagged by the fire department due to its unsafe structure after the crash. The tail pipe of the vehicle also left a dent on the cement embankment of the sidewalk. This woman had no choice but to gather her belongings and move out until maintenance crews work on fixing her damaged home.

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