Drunk Driver Kills One Person and Injures Others Near Elk Grove

Drunk Driver Kills One Person and Injures Others Near Elk Grove

A drunk driver caused a two-vehicle accident with major injuries in an area near Elk Grove when he struck an SUV after running a red light. The crash happened at the intersection of Bader and Calvine roads, according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP). The other driver, a 43-year-old female resident of Elk Grove, was driving a Toyota SUV heading west on Calvine Road as she approached the intersection where she had a green light. The drunk driver, identified as Steven Bhardwaj, 33, a resident of Plymouth, was driving a Honda Accord north on Bader Road heading toward a red light when he failed to stop and crashed into the passenger side of the Toyota. As both vehicles moved across the intersection, Bhardwaj hit a pedestrian signal. Neither the driver of the Toyota nor her three passengers in the SUV were injured.

Injuries in Honda Accord

In addition to Bhardwaj, who was trapped in the front seat and suffered what were described as moderate injuries, there were two injured passengers in the Honda. A male, 35, who was a passenger in the front seat, was critically injured, and rescuers began to do CPR until he could be taken to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead. The Sutter Creek resident was identified, but his name will not be announced until family members can be notified. A 51-year-old man was seated in the rear passenger seat of the Honda, and reports from authorities say he had major injuries. He was also transported to a local hospital. Bhardwaj was taken to the hospital, where he was contacted by police who determined he was driving drunk. The Honda driver was arrested. His charges at this time are DUI causing death or injury. 

Sudden death of Family Members

News of a loved one being killed by a drunk driver is a shock to family members who were not expecting it. This compounds the grief they feel with emotions of anger and disbelief. It is up to the person’s family and friends to ensure that they are taking care of themselves, including getting enough sleep and eating properly. Family members may work together to bring meals to the house or do the shopping and take the person to appointments. Sitting with them and just letting them talk is also a good way to help them cope. 

Wrongful Death Lawsuit

If someone, even a passenger in the same vehicle, is killed by a drunk driver, the family has reason to file a wrongful death lawsuit. By doing this, they are able to be compensated for the many financial issues that accompany a person’s demise, including funeral costs and the loss of income the person would have generated. It is true that doing this will never take away the grief associated with death, but it might make the transition period easier. Your attorney will be able to handle the details of a wrongful death claim.

Who Will be Responsible

The drunk driver is responsible for the accident, and he or she can be obligated to pay all costs. Your attorney must prove that the defendant is negligent in an accident. The fact that the driver would be charged and probably convicted of DUI with death can be used as proof in the case. In addition to a wrongful death lawsuit, if another passenger suffered major injuries in the crash, he or she can also file a claim for compensation against the drunk driver. 

What an Attorney Can Do to Help After a DUI Accident

At our firm, we establish negligence by dispatching our legal team to the accident site as soon as possible. We look for evidence against the at-fault driver. We also interview witnesses to the crash and obtain video footage from traffic surveillance cameras. Police reports of the accident, as well as arrest records, are scrutinized for proof against the at-fault driver and for mistakes. Once this information is accumulated, we provide it to our legal team, who use it to build a strong case against the drunk driver. 

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