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May 09, 2019
Edward Smith

Drugged Driving in Sacramento

Drugged driving in Sacramento can be as serious a problem as driving drunk. It causes many accidents each year, resulting in unnecessary serious injuries or fatalities. Like drunk driving, it is also a crime in California. Drugged drivers are held to the same standards as those who have consumed too much alcohol. That can lead to a jail sentence, fines and other repercussions.

Drugged Driving Statistics

Did you know that 43 percent of the drivers who died in accidents in 2015 tested positive for drugs? In California, the percentage of drivers who died that year in traffic crashes and tested positive was 19 percent. That was before marijuana was legalized in the state. Legalized marijuana also draws tourists to the area, and unfortunately, some of them drive their own vehicles. This adds to the danger of drugged driving on the roadways.

Types of Drugs

Illicit drugs are not the only problem among California drivers. Using certain over-the-counter medicines or prescription drugs can adversely affect a driver.

How Drug Use Affects the Driver

The effects of a drug on a motorist depend on what type it is and how it affects the brain. For example, drivers under the influence of methamphetamine or cocaine can be reckless or aggressive on the road. Marijuana impairs the driver’s sense of distance and time, affects coordination and slows a motorist’s reaction time. Some over-the-counter and prescription drugs can cause drowsiness, or the motorist might fall asleep while driving.

Accident Injuries

An accident caused by drugged driving can cause many types of injuries. The extent and type of injuries depend on the collision, whether it is a head-on crash, broadside or rear-end accident. However, injuries suffered in a collision can include:

  • Traumatic head injuries: Injuries can range from a mild concussion to serious head trauma, a fractured skull, coma or death. More severe head injuries may require extensive hospitalization and life-long care.
  • Back and spinal cord trauma: Damage to the back or spine can be serious and cause long-term problems that make it difficult to work or live a normal life.
  • Broken bones: Broken bones can range from simple breaks that heal with time to complex fractures or crush injuries to the bone. These types of trauma may require surgery to repair or even amputation if the damage is bad enough.
  • Psychological damage: Motor vehicle accidents are traumatic experiences, especially if you or a loved one is injured. Some people experience nightmares, anxiety, flashbacks, and other symptoms. When these symptoms are extreme or prolonged, it can indicate post-traumatic stress disorder, which requires professional treatment.
  • Chest injuries: Between seat belts and trauma that can occur if the driver hits the steering wheel, chest injuries are common. They may range from bruising to broken ribs, damage to the lungs or even heart-bruising.
  • Abdominal trauma: Bruising can be caused by the seat belt. However, abdominal trauma can be severe, including causing hemorrhaging or organ damage. The spleen, pancreas, and bowel are often involved and may require emergency surgery to repair.

Sacramento Car Accident Lawyer

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