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April 08, 2024
Edward Smith

Injury Accident on Hazel Avenue Occurs Where Driver Left the Scene

Two vehicles were involved in an injury accident on April 4, and one driver left the scene. According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), the collision occurred around 12:26 p.m. at the intersection of Hazel Avenue and La Serena Drive. One person involved in the crash phoned police to tell them what had happened. 

Driver Left the Scene of Accident and Sought by Authorities

When officers arrived at the scene, they discovered a Hyundai Santa Fe blocking the northbound lane on Hazel Avenue. The vehicles were moved to La Serena, where they would not block traffic. The extent of injuries to the motorist who remained at the scene was not reported. The CHP traffic collision unit is looking for the driver who fled the scene and determining how the accident happened. 

Investigations into Hit-and-Run Driver Accidents

Our investigative team immediately heads to the accident scene to hold the responsible party accountable. Finding the hit-and-run driver allows them to be financially responsible for any injuries caused through either their insurance or a civil lawsuit. The investigation focuses on collecting evidence from various sources to find the driver:

  • At the crash site, investigators collect any debris that may have come off the vehicle, such as metal fragments and paint chips. These clues can often indicate the make and model of the vehicle involved.
  • We review footage from nearby surveillance cameras to determine whether they captured the incident. If necessary, relevant footage can be obtained through legal channels. If a driver left the scene without their vehicle, it may be possible to identify them using surveillance footage.
  • Interviews with witnesses form a crucial part of our investigation. Witnesses might provide details about the vehicle or the driver, including any partial license plate numbers they remember or any footage they captured on their cell phones as the accident occurred and the driver left the scene.
  • We also review the police report thoroughly. Any inaccuracies found could potentially affect compensation claims, so we ensure all details are accurate and advocate for corrections if needed.
  • The accident may be reconstructed forensically to understand better the events leading up to it and to determine fault. Insurance companies and courts often utilize this evidence.

Once the driver is located, the attorney uses the evidence that was gathered to negotiate an injury settlement with their insurance company. Around 95 percent of all accidents are settled in this way. If severe injuries occur or the insurance company will not negotiate, the case can be presented in civil court.

Understanding Your Insurance Coverage

Injured people may seek compensation through their uninsured/underinsured motorist policy if the responsible driver cannot be located. Such policies are optional for California drivers acquiring auto insurance. However, many motorists have taken this add-on policy due to the high number of uninsured or underinsured drivers. If an injured person lacks this coverage, they might still be eligible to place a claim under a family member’s policy without affecting future rates.

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