Dodge Ram Trucks Recalled by Fiat-Chrysler


Dodge Ram Trucks Recalled by Fiat-Chrysler

I’m Ed Smith, a Santa Barbara car accident lawyer. A new motor vehicle recall was announced by Fiat Chrysler on May 12 that will affect the owners of 1.02 million pickup trucks. An additional 216,007 Canadian, 21,668 Mexican and 21,530 other vehicles in the region of the NAFTA agreement are being recalled. The recall is due to a potentially fatal flaw that has already reportedly claimed the life of one man.

Vehicles Being Recalled

Recalled vehicles include the 2013 through 2016 models of the Dodge Ram 1500 and Ram 2500. Also recalled are the 2014 through 2016 Ram 3500s. The problem is due to a vehicle software error that can cause safety equipment to become disabled in a rollover crash. The recall is scheduled to start June 23, and Fiat Chrysler will be performing repairs on the software free of cost.

Federal regulators were informed by the automaker that, if one of these trucks was struck in the underbody, the computer module could fail, causing the devices that control seat belt tension and the airbags along the sides of the vehicle to turn off. A company spokesman said the reason is that the module might shut off because it incorrectly determined a sensor had failed.  This could result in serious injuries or fatalities to those riding inside the vehicle. While a rollover might result from a crash, it could also result from off-road driving or from hitting debris.

Reported Accidents 

The U.S. division of Fiat Chrysler reported that it knew of two accidents that resulted in two injuries and one death that might have been attributed to the software glitch, but the proof is not definitive. The company said the recall was meant to be proactive. Documents relating to those accidents were sent to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration by the company. Safety practices by Fiat Chrysler are overseen independently by safety regulators since 2015 because the company was underreporting injury and death claims due to potential vehicle defects.

Accidents Caused by Defective Products

Auto product liability can cause serious injuries or death, and the injured person or family of the deceased may be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit to recover damages. An accident may also result in devastating injuries such as traumatic brain injuries, cardiac contusions, chest trauma and other types of traumatic injuries. These injuries can cause extensive hospitalization and medical bills, loss of income due to the inability to work, and associated expenses such as for prescriptions, doctor visits and rehabilitation, even home modification.


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