Do I Need a Motorcycle Accident Attorney?

Do I Need a Motorcycle Accident Attorney?

A motorcycle is fun to ride, economical and environmentally friendly as well as challenging with their physical demands. But, like everything else, there is a downside, and accidents often lead to fatal or devastating injuries. This is due to the lack of physical protection the motorcyclist has compared to motor vehicles. Because of the serious nature of the injuries, the biker may be unable to fight for his or her rights when injured by a negligent motorist or other entity. That is where a motorcycle accident lawyer can help. We’ll examine some of the reasons having an attorney by your side is a good idea and how it helps in securing the compensation you need and deserve. 

Why It Is Not a Good Idea to Defend Yourself

Some of the reasons it is important to have an attorney represent you are:

  • Riding a motorcycle carries a high risk of a serious injury when an accident happens, yet many people believe they can save money by filing a claim themselves. The truth of the matter is that the compensation is usually three times higher when an attorney represents an injured party. In all, only 51 percent of those without an attorney are compensated, while 90 percent of those represented by a lawyer obtain damages
  • Filing a claim is not easy. First, you will need to deal with insurance adjusters. Depending on the other party’s insurer, they can be ruthless and try to trick you into saying the wrong thing. Many will insist you provide a formal, recorded statement about the crash, knowing that the injured party might not know that this request should and can be refused. An attorney will deal with the insurance company on your behalf, taking that burden off your shoulders.
  • Knowing how to negotiate with the insurance company after a motorcycle crash is an art. It is basically a push and pull battle that is won with patience and a good game plan. Often the insurer will offer a settlement that is much lower than the injured party may need. Your attorney, having calculated the amount of financial compensation that will cover medical care, lost wages and pain and suffering, will not accept this trick. Although the insurer’s move may be devious, the main issue is that the company knows once you accept their offer, you are not able to reopen the case. That means even if you need life-saving surgery down the line, they are not required to pay for it. 
  • It is important for the other side to know that while your lawyer may negotiate with them, there is no reluctance to take the matter to court if needed. Insurance companies have a large legal department, and if they notice weakness, they will offer a pittance of what you should receive. Having a lawyer on your side tells them that you mean business and will fight to get what you deserve.
  • Having an experienced lawyer will ensure that the statute of limitations or the time you have to file a claim has not passed. If that happens, the ability to have your case heard is gone. A seasoned lawyer will also make sure the documents are filed properly.
  • If you are not willing to accept their initial and usually insufficient offer, insurers will often try to delay the case’s progress. An attorney will not let this happen. That is why insurance companies are not comfortable when a lawyer for the plaintiff is brought on board. They know the attorney will refuse to let them do this to their client. 
  • Motorcycle riders are often made to look like they were the one being reckless. Insurers will lock onto the mistaken image of a biker as someone who does not obey the rules of the road. Your attorney won’t let this unfair tactic happen. 

View the following video presented by Attorney Ed Smith on why you should hire a motorcycle accident lawyer:

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