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December 12, 2023
Edward Smith

Distracted Driving Implicated in State Route 299 Whiskeytown Major Injury Crash

A Whiskeytown major injury crash along State Route 299 on December 3 between two vehicles may have involved distracted driving. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) office in Redding reported that one of the drivers involved in the collision was using their cell phone at the time and caused the accident. In California, holding a cell phone while driving is illegal, although motorists can use hands-free phones.

Investigation Underway in Whiskeytown Major Injury Crash

Additional information about the accident was not released. However, police reported that major injuries occurred. The CHP traffic accident investigation unit is determining the fault in the crash and confirming the cause.  

At-Fault Drivers’ Distracted Driving and How to Prove It

Personal injury compensation may be available if a distracted driver caused a Whiskeytown major injury crash that caused your trauma. Certain pieces of evidence can support your claim that the at-fault party was distracted when the accident occurred. The following evidence can be collected by your injury lawyer to support your case so that you can recover compensation.

  • Statements from witnesses: Witnesses who saw what happened can often provide valuable insight into what they saw before and during the accident.
  • Cell phone records: Whether or not the other driver was using their cell phone before or during the accident can be determined from cell phone records, including call logs and texts.
  • Dash Cams: A dashcam may be able to show whether one driver was distracted in the accident if it is present in either vehicle involved.
  • Police report: Evidence of distracted driving may be found in the police report, including witness statements and any other information that may be relevant to the investigation.

Choosing the Right Injury Lawyer for Your Case

Working with an experienced lawyer if you were injured in a Whiskeytown major injury crash by a distracted driver is important and much better than doing it alone. You can consult a lawyer for help identifying all forms of compensation available to you and ensuring you are treated fairly throughout the legal process.

What Compensation Is Recoverable in a Personal Injury Accident?

Those who negligent drivers injure can recover the following compensation:

  • Medical bills that arise as a result of the accident are recoverable, including hospitalization, medications, surgeries, tests, physicians’ bills and others.
  • Wages lost because the injured person was unable to work can be compensated. The pay difference is recoverable if that person has to take a job that pays less because they can no longer perform their duties. Permanent disability results in the injured party recovering wage compensation until retirement age.
  • Compensation is available for the physical and emotional pain and suffering the injured person experiences.

Ed Smith, a Redding injury lawyer, offers some advice in the video below about what to look for in an attorney after an accident:

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