July 30, 2015
Edward Smith

On Saturday night at 10:30 PM, an Elk Grove man who was a passenger in a car travelling east on Highway 50 was killed when the vehicle collided with another vehicle stopped on the freeway.
That car had broken down or stalled in the slow lane OF Highway 50. It is not known how long the vehicle had been disabled before the accident occurred.
Evan Robertson, 23 years old, of Elk Grove, was in the back seat of the car and sustained head injuries in the collision.  He died at the scene of the crash just eat of Third Street.
The driver of the vehicle in which Robertson was riding failed to recognize or observe the car that was stopped or stalled in front of him on the roadway.

When a vehicle becomes disabled for any reason while driving on the freeway, it is important to get it off the roadway as soon as possible. The presence of a disabled vehicle is a major hazard. Whether the vehicle can be removed from the roadway or not, it is important to place warning markers, signals or flares out to warn other motorists of the danger as soon as possible.

Failure to do so can lead to tragic results, loss of property, serious injuries, and even death.  Motorist who fail to take steps to remove their vehicles from the roadway or put out safety warnings may face liability for failure to do so.

These lawsuits are called conspicuity lawsuits and our office has extensive experience in them.

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