Degloving Injury in Traumatic Accidents

What is a Degloving Injury?

A degloving injury can occur in traumatic accidents. Degloving injuries are particularly severe because they remove the skin from the tissue underneath. Think of the skin as a glove that has been removed from a body part. Some of the areas of the body that degloving injuries could occur are:

  • Fingers
  • Hands
  • Arms
  • Toes
  • Feet
  • Legs

It is the job of the skin to protect the body’s organs and tissues underneath from the hazards of the outside world. If a degloving injury happens, it could lead to serious complications.

Mechanism of Degloving Injury

There are several ways that a degloving injury might occur; however, one of the most common is in a motorcycle crash. A road rash can happen in a motorcycle accident leading to traumatic injuries. This occurs when the body’s skin runs across the pavement at high speed. As the body’s skin catches along the ground, it could cause the skin to slough off of the body. If a portion of the skin “catches” on a piece of raised pavement, it could rip the skin off entirely. This results in a degloving injury.

Serious Complications Could Occur

Because the skin serves as an essential function, there are serious complications that might result following a degloving injury. Some of these injuries could even be life-threatening. A few of the most serious complications include:

  • Infection: Perhaps the most severe complication is the development of a serious infection. It is the job of the skin to keep out dangerous viruses and bacteria from the rest of the body. With the skin removed, pathogens have direct access to the body’s tissues. Sometimes, individuals could even develop sepsis after a degloving injury.
  • Nerve Damage: Another serious complication is the development of nerve damage. Many small nerves run through the body, helping to power its motor and sensory function. Without the protection of the skin, these tiny nerves are at risk of being damaged.
  • Loss of Function Problems: Degloving injuries are often accompanied by mobility issues. When these accidents happen, other associated injuries could be present. Damage to any of the bones of the body could result in a loss of function of that body part.

All of these complications require the attention of a trained medical professional.

Working with an Injury Lawyer

A degloving injury is a medical emergency because it could result in permanent, dangerous, or even life-threatening complications. Unfortunately, some people might not make a full recovery. For this reason, it is crucial for families to meet with a compassionate injury lawyer located in Sacramento. A trained attorney can review the case with the family, helping them discuss their options and pursue damages. Everyone deserves help during this difficult time. Reach out and work with a Sacramento personal injury lawyer. Your family could be owed a substantial financial award.

Sacramento Personal Injury Lawyers

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