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How to Deal with Grief and Bereavement

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March 26, 2018
Edward Smith

How to Deal with Grief and Bereavement

How to Deal with Grief and Bereavement

I’m Ed Smith, a Fairfield wrongful death lawyer. It is often challenging to continue on with life while attempting to deal with the death of a person that you loved. Coping with mourning can be an experience that is both emotional and traumatic and it isn’t uncommon for individuals to have feelings of serious depression during such a difficult time.

While the coping process is different for each person, there are a few general tips and guidelines that anyone can follow. We hope these tips will comfort all that read them.

First Tip: Embracing Feelings and Emotions

After receiving the terrible news of a loved one’s passing, people often experience waves of emotion that can appear and disappear, seemingly at random. It’s important for those experiencing loss to accept the feelings they are having because these emotions are a valid and natural part of the healing process.

The crucial thing to do during this time is to avoid internalizing strong emotions. In the event of wrongful death caused by negligent parties such as cases of medical malpractice, reckless driving, and products liability, individuals often feel strong feelings of frustration and anger. It’s important to remember that there are no wrong ways to feel while bereaved. Being vulnerable and allowing feelings to arise and go away naturally can help you to move on.

It’s also important to keep in mind that grieving is unique to each individual. Being gentle and kind to yourself as you make your way through the stages of loss and grief makes the process easier.

Second Tip: Support Systems

The pain associated with bereavement often tempts individuals to isolate themselves from their normal network of emotional support. However, the personal, face-to-face, love and support of your family and friends aids in the process of gradual healing. While no one should rob you of the time you need to reflect by yourself or push you into talking about your feelings when you aren’t ready, it is important to seek the support of others during this time.

There are many options for grieving individuals to find support. Many religious faiths host grief support groups. There are also many excellent grief counselors, therapists specializing in bereavement, and support groups that can be found online.

Third Tip: Self-Care

Taking care of yourself is the most vital part of healing after losing someone. By acknowledging your pain and allowing yourself to deal with it in your own way, you can make immense progress in recovering.

Both emotional and physical aspects of self-care are important during grieving. While many find comfort in personal expression through creativity, it is also important to try to eat healthily, sleep well, and get enough exercise. All of these things together can give an individual a better sense of mental and emotional strength, which in turn can make the grieving process easier to bear.

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