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April 29, 2024
Edward Smith

Possibly Two Vehicles Were Struck on I-80 by a Davis Fleeing Driver

A Davis fleeing driver accident on April 27 left behind an injured person. The accident happened just after 11:00 a.m. on eastbound I-80 just east of the off-ramp for Mace Boulevard. When officers with the California Highway Patrol (CHP) arrived, they discovered a Toyota Corolla facing the wrong direction in the slow lane. 

One Person Injured by Davis Fleeing Driver

The suspect vehicle had gone off the roadway through a chain link fence. Medics with the Davis Fire Department determined that injuries had occurred. Whether the injured party was taken to a hospital for additional medical care was unreported. 

Suspect Vehicle Located With Driver Missing

The suspect vehicle was located by officers with the Davis Police Department one mile west of County Road 32b at the on-ramp. In addition, a second vehicle that might have been struck was located. The CHP traffic collision detectives are determining how the crash occurred and searching for the missing driver.

Identifying Hit-and-Run Drivers and Bringing Them to Justice

Leaving the scene of an accident, particularly when someone suffers injuries, as in the case involving the Davis fleeing driver, signifies a blatant disregard for the victim and an attempt to evade responsibility. Our accident lawyers diligently pursue the identification and accountability of these drivers to ensure victims receive justice for their losses.

Applying Investigative Techniques Post-Hit-and-Run

To track down a hit-and-run driver after a Davis accident, we deploy expert investigators skilled in evidence gathering. The techniques they employ include:

  • Reviewing area surveillance footage to capture compelling evidence of the collision and pinpoint the offending vehicle.
  • Inspecting the accident scene for vehicle fragments such as paint, metal, and plastic. These details, unique to manufacturers, aid in identifying the car’s make and model.
  • Analyzing the police report and conversing with witnesses, who might have recorded the incident.
  • Reaching out to local body shops for records of a vehicle that matches the description of the hit-and-run driver’s car, checking if someone has brought it in for repairs.

Options to Recover Compensation

If the Davis fleeing driver is located, they can be held responsible for your injuries and trauma. In a personal injury claim, the injured person can recover all of their medical costs caused by the accident, wages they lost, and pain and suffering. However, the injured party has another option to recover compensation if the driver isn’t located. 

Insurance Can Help You Recover Compensation

If the missing driver isn’t located, you can utilize your uninsured and underinsured driver policy to recover compensation. If a family member carries this add-on auto policy and you don’t have it, you can use theirs. It does not change the policy rates in the future.

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