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Davis Crash Injures Three


Davis Crash Injures Three   

I’m Ed Smith, a Davis Car Accident Lawyer. A collision involving six cars on I-80 near the Mace Boulevard exit in Davis injured three people recently.

What Happened?

On the day of the accident, at a little before 3:00 p.m., a 41-year-old man named Peter Carlino, from Roseville, was driving eastbound on Interstate 80. According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), Carlino was approaching the Mace Boulevard exit when the car in front of him came to a stop. Carlino was unable to brake and stop his vehicle in time and ended up hitting the rear bumper of the stationary car.

After the first two cars collided, four more vehicles became involved in the car accident. Some of the other cars were attempting to change lanes to avoid the initial car crash but were unable to do so. The remaining vehicles were struck from behind by those already involved as they were pushed or knocked into them.

Paramedics took Carlino to the UC Davis Medical Center to be treated for major injuries. He was not the only one injured; two more motorists suffered minor injuries but only one, aside from Peter, had to be treated at the hospital. There seems to be no involvement of drugs or alcohol in the accident.

Possible Injuries

The specific injuries were not mentioned in the article but we can deduce a few possibilities from the nature of the collision. The initial impact that started the pile-up may have been the most forceful because Carlino was the only one with major injuries. The major injuries could have been caused by the act of “bracing for impact” which causes one’s muscles to flex and stabilize the joints, keeping the head and torso pressed against the back of the seat. This protects the vital organs but as a result, can increase the risk of fractures to the extremities. Broken arms and legs can be life-threatening if they damage arteries or veins that travel alongside the shafts of the bones.

The other individuals involved most likely suffered from bruises, muscle soreness, and/or minor lacerations. Because of the many impacts from behind, neck pain from cervical sprains or strains (more commonly referred to as whiplash would be highly likely). The rapid acceleration and deceleration can damage the ligaments holding the cervical vertebrae together or the muscles as they strain to resist the violent movement.

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