Davis Accident Statistics

Davis Accident Statistics

Davis Accident Statistics

I’m Ed Smith, a Davis personal injury lawyer. The city of Davis is one of the most unique and vibrant communities in Northern California. However, a significant student population as well as being situated on two major local highways means that Davis sees a considerable amount of vehicle traffic. Because of this heavy traffic, the city also sees numerous injuries caused by car crashes every year. By knowing where, how, and under what circumstances these accidents usually happen, those who frequently use Davis’ roads can drive more safely and reduce their chances of being injured in a crash. For this reason, local cyclists, pedestrians, and motorists alike may be interested in the below Davis accident statistics.

Overview of Collisions

According to new statistics published by research groups at UC Berkeley, there have been 1,822 total vehicle accidents resulting in injuries in Davis from the end of 2007 until the end of 2017. With Davis’ population at about 68,000 individuals, this means that more than one accident occurred for every 374 residents.

These 1822 crashes included 111 collisions involving people walking, 570 involving cyclists, 78 involving motorcycles, and 1063 involving only regular passenger cars or large big-rig trucks. Four-hundred and sixty-one of these collisions (accounting for about one-quarter of crashes overall) occurred on a state highway within Davis.

It is notable that bicycle collisions accounted for 31.3 percent of Davis’ injury accidents, which is more than double the rate for Yolo County as a whole and nearly four times the rate for Sacramento County.

Accident Cause

By far, the accident violation that most often leaves individuals with injuries in Davis is speeding, which was recorded as the primary accident factor in 633 (34.74) percent of these accidents. The next most-common element, automobile right-of-way violations, caused only slightly more than half of the accidents attributed to speeding.

Speeding was the least commonly reported causal violation among Davis’ accidents that resulted in a fatality, with unsafe speed violations causing only two fatalities over the last ten years. The most fatal violation in Davis has been shown to be drinking and driving, which, while only accounting for around six percent of traumatic car accidents overall, caused around 38 percent of Davis’ fatal collisions.

Common Crash Locations

These locations in Davis have seen relatively high rates of injury-related auto accidents:

  • B Street between Russell Boulevard and Shields Avenue
  • The intersection of Olive Drive and Richards Boulevard
  • The Richards Boulevard/Highway I-80 Junction
  • The intersection of Pole Line Road and 5th Street
  • The Mace Boulevard/Highway I-80 Junction
  • The junction of Villanova and Anderson Roads

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