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January 01, 2017
Edward Smith

Dangers of Speeding

Dangers of Speeding

I’m Ed Smith, a West Sacramento car accident attorney. The city of West Sacramento is a small community of 100,000 residents that are eager to greet and welcome you by your name. However, that does not mean that the city is not subject to automobile accidents. From 2013 to 2015, 213 West Sacramento automobile accidents have occurred due to an unsafe rate of speed of a motorist’s vehicle.

What is Speeding?

Speeding is considered to be a type of behavior associated with aggressive driving. Aggressive driving behavior patterns consist of operating a motor vehicle at excessive speeds, weaving through traffic, running traffic lights and stop signs and following vehicles too closely. This type of driving behavior often escalates into negative gestures towards other motorists, leading to verbal confrontations and even physical assaults.

Why Drivers Speed

Many motorists speed when they are running late for scheduled appointments, meetings, school and work. Traffic congestion can often hinder an individual from arriving on time to their desired destinations. This leads a driver to engage in driving habits such as speeding, frequently changing lanes or even becoming enraged at any individual that impedes the flow of their progress on the roadway.

Consequences of Speeding

The consequences of speeding consist of the following:

  • An increase in stopping distance after a motorist perceives a safety concern or danger.
  • An increase degree of collision severity that can lead to traumatic injuries.
  • An increase in fuel consumption and cost of a driver’s vehicle.
  • Speeding imposes a greater risk for a motorist to lose control of their vehicle.
  • Speed-related crashes can result in economic and psychological implications.
  • The reduction of protection equipment effectiveness for occupants to escape injury in the cabin of the vehicle.

Speeding and Automobile Accidents

Speeding has been a factor in about 1/3 of all motor vehicle fatalities for over two decades. In 2014, speeding comprised 28% of all fatal collisions. A total of 9,262 victims lost their lives in crashes involving speeding. Automobile accidents caused by speeding are considered as reckless driving accidents due to the negligence of the driver operating a motor vehicle above the posted speed limit.

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