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Dangers of Selfies Behind the Wheel

Dangers of Selfies Behind the Wheel

Dangers of Selfies Behind the Wheel

Dangers of Selfies Behind the Wheel

Hi, I’m Ed Smith, a Woodland auto accident attorney. Selfies are all the rage these days. Cell phone usage, which includes snapping selfies while behind the wheel, is one of the top causes for distracted driving accidents.

Distracted Driving Statistics

According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), at any given time in the United States there are approximately 60,000 people using a cell phone while behind the wheel. Being on a phone while behind the wheel can triple a driver’s chance of being involved in an auto accident. Taking selfies while behind the wheel is turning into an epidemic that has and will continue to have devastating results. Distracted driving can lead to major auto accidents resulting in serious injuries or death.

Recent studies have shown that car accidents due to drivers taking selfies while in control of a motor vehicle is at an all time high. It is a serious problem here in Woodland as well as the rest of California.

A study conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) shows that nearly four in ten drivers with smart phones are accessing social media while driving. The same study also shows California is leading the rest of the country with the highest amount of people taking a selfie behind the wheel.

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Distracted Driving Trending on Social Media

The use of hashtags has increased dramatically from 2014 to 2015 (by 80 percent). Some common hashtags on social media include:





Why do People Feel the Urge to Snap Selfies While Driving?

That is a good question with no easy answer. All we know is one ‘quick’ picture greatly risks the lives of other people on the road. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) urges motorists to put down their phone while driving. Sadly, for some motorists, it takes a ticket or an accident to get their full attention.

Many drivers think it’s okay to snap a quick picture while driving because they can do so pretty fast. In that short amount of time, however, a number of hazards can arise that the driver will fail to notice because they are paying attention to getting that perfect shot instead of paying attention to the road in front of them. By the time they look back at the road, it could be too late to respond. We all know what happens next. Rememer, you can delete a selfie if you don’t like it, but you cannot delete a fatal distracted driving collision.

Distracted Driving Statistics

Distracted driving causes more than 3,300 fatalities a year, as reported by the Department of Transportation. It’s unknown how many of those fatalities were caused by selfies.

People aged 20 to 29 are affected the most by that statistic, while drivers over the age of 70 are the least affected.

Using cellular phones while operating a motor vehicle is illegal in the State of California. Many other states have followed suit with making the use of cell phones behind the wheel illegal. Motorists taking selfies while driving risk not only their own life but also the life of their occupants and others on the roadways.

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