Dangerous Yuba City Intersections

Dangerous Yuba City Intersections

In every city, certain areas are more likely to be the site of a serious car accident. While it isn’t always possible to predict where car accidents will happen or say why a particular location has a higher rate of car crashes, certain trends can help us understand where a collision might occur. Data from the Federal Highway Administration (FHA), as well as other federal and state traffic authorities, tell us that some of the most dangerous roadway areas are intersections. The FHA reports that around 2.5 million car accidents happen in US intersections annually, accounting for about 40 percent of all vehicle collisions. Drivers who spend time on Yuba City roadways may want to learn about which intersections in their area see the highest number of traumatic crashes.

Intersections Listed

The following data is taken from reports published by UC Berkeley research groups. The most dangerous intersections in Yuba City are listed in order of most to least collisions, with the number of crashes occurring at each intersection during 2006-2018 appearing next to each.

  • Bridge Street and SR 99, 68
  • Clark Avenue and Colusa Avenue, 48
  • Colusa Avenue and Live Oak Boulevard at Olive Street and SR 20, 47
  • Butte House Road and Stabler Lane, 46
  • Colusa Highway and Stabler Lane, 46
  • Colusa Highway and Plumas Street at SR 20, 46
  • Bridge Street and Shasta Street, 43
  • Bridge Street and Plumas Street, 43

Why are Intersections Dangerous?

Intersections can be dangerous for a few different reasons, and these may be different depending on the circumstances. Some intersections are poorly designed, and drivers may find it difficult to navigate them. Others have poor visibility, making it hard for drivers to spot oncoming traffic or pedestrians using crosswalks. In some cases, intersections lack proper signage or have major pavement defects.

One thing that all intersections have in common is that the directions from which motorists need to expect traffic doubles and sometimes even triples. Having to watch for oncoming vehicles from the left and right as well as ahead and behind means that drivers need to pay even more attention and can much more easily make a mistake that leads to a serious or even fatal crash.

Staying Safe

The most important thing to do when driving through any intersection is to make sure that you are entirely focused on the road. Keep in mind that, even though you are following traffic laws, other vehicles may not. Drivers should also slow down their vehicles well before stopping at a red light or stop sign, especially if there are other vehicles ahead of you or behind you. Sudden stops at intersections can easily lead to chain-reaction crashes. To avoid these types of accidents, you should always make sure there is ample space between your vehicle and cars ahead of you.

Sadly, not all accidents can be avoided. If you find yourself involved in a crash, you may need to contact a lawyer to pursue payments for your injuries from reckless drivers. If you are unsure of whether or not you should contact a Yuba City personal injury lawyer, you might find the below video helpful:

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