Dangerous Intersections for Bicyclists in Berkeley


Dangerous Intersections for Bicyclists in Berkeley

I’m Ed Smith, a Berkeley bicycle accident attorney. Many people ride bicycles around town for fun or to and from work and school. However, bicycle riders are particularly vulnerable to accidents. In addition, some intersections are known for their high incidence of bicycle accidents. Due to this, Berkeley is actively trying to reduce the risk to riders in the city.

Berkeley Bicycle Accident Statistics

According to the California Office of Traffic Safety, bicyclists in Berkeley suffered 160 accident injuries and deaths in 2014. Ten of these accidents occurred to children under the age of 15. The ranking parameters of the OTS shows that Berkeley ranked number one in bicycle accident injuries and deaths among the 57 cities with populations of a similar size. It ranked second among those same cities for injuries and deaths of bicyclists under age 15. These are strictly city rankings and do not include bicycle accidents that occurred elsewhere in the county or on roads under CHP jurisdiction.

California Bicycle Laws

Under the provisions of California Vehicle Code 21200, bicyclists are subject to the same restrictions as drivers of motor vehicles with regard to the consumption of drugs or alcohol while riding. In California, bike riders are required to ride on the right side, going in the same direction as the rest of the traffic. Exceptions are allowed when turning left, passing, when the road is closed (such as for construction), the road is too narrow or the bicyclist is traveling on a one-way street. Bike riders may not ride on freeways or over toll bridges unless it is permitted by the California Department of Transportation

Rules While Riding a Bike

To operate or ride a bike in California, those under age 18 must wear a helmet. This helps to avoid serious head and brain injuries. Sound in both ears may not be blocked by earphones or earplugs. An exception is for those who wear hearing aids. When riding, one hand must be free to control the bicycle. This means that when carrying an item, it must not be so large that both hands are required. Cell phone use is permitted when biking.

Required Bike Equipment

Visible reflectors are required for those who ride their bicycles at night. This includes a red flashing or solid colored light on the back. Side reflectors are also required on both sides of a bike, either yellow or white on the front half of the bicycle and red or white on the back half. If the bicycle’s tires are reflective, this is not necessary. Yellow or white reflectors are required either on the bike’s pedals or the rider’s ankles or shoes.

Berkeley Bike Safety Pilot Program

While counties and cities have jurisdiction on whether bike riding is allowed on sidewalks, Berkeley only allows juveniles and police officers to ride a bike on the city sidewalks. All others must walk their bikes. With education geared toward increased bicycle safety in mind, the city has designed a pilot program in downtown between Kittredge Street and University Avenue along Shattuck Avenue. Posters, stenciled sidewalks at ramps on curbs, traffic signs and enforcement by the police is being used. If the program is a success, it will be extended to include areas where problems have occurred between bicyclists, motorists and pedestrians.

Dangerous Intersections in Berkeley, CA

The following is a list of dangerous intersections in Berkeley:

  • Claremont Avenue and Alcatraz Avenue near Fairview Park
  • Crosswalk at Eton Avenue and Claremont Avenue
  • Marin Avenue (dangerous intersections for pedestrians because of poor lighting)
  • Hillegass Avenue and Parker Street
  • Bowditch Street and Channing Way
  • California Street and University Avenue
  • California Street and Alcatraz Avenue
  • Channing Way and Piedmont Avenue
  • Channing Way and Milvia Street
  • Channing Way and Fulton Street
  • Milvia Street and Dwight Way
  • Milvia Street and University Avenue
  • Russell Street and Shattuck Avenue
  • Virginia Street and Euclid Avenue

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