Dangerous Corning Traffic Violations

Dangerous Corning Traffic Violations

Car accidents can happen anywhere and are almost always unexpected. While some collisions are outside of the control of the drivers involved in it, the large majority of auto accidents happen because of a traffic violation. Drivers who ignore the rules of the roadway put the lives of others in danger by seriously increasing the risk of a severe or fatal collision. However, drivers, bicyclists, pedestrians, and everyone who uses public roads can protect themselves by learning about how traffic violations affect their community. One of the best ways to do this is to learn about the dangerous violations that frequently cause accidents in your area.


According to information from UC Berkeley, the leading cause of traumatic car accidents in Corning during 2007-2017 was right-of-way violations, which caused 33 crashes in total and accounted for about 24 percent of injury collisions in the city. However, these accidents were typically less severe than accidents caused by other dangerous Corning traffic violations and only made up around 14 percent of severe or fatal collisions.


Speeding was the second most common violation to cause injury collisions in Corning. Driving at an unsafe speed was the primary factor in 21 percent of the accidents in question, causing a total of 29 crashes. Speeding is dangerous because it reduces a driver’s ability to control their vehicle. In many cases, drivers who are going too fast are unable to avoid a roadway hazard or navigate a turn and cause a crash that could have otherwise been avoided easily.

Improper Turning

The third most dangerous violation in Corning during 2007-2017 was improper turning. Drivers making improper turns caused a total of 14 accidents, making up ten percent of injury-causing crashes. Improper turning was also the violation that caused both the most fatal and severe accidents in the city, accounting for more than one-quarter of crashes involving serious or deadly injuries.

Other Violations

Other common violations included traffic signal and sign violations, driving on the wrong side of the road, and DUI. Some of the least common violations included unsafe lane changing, pedestrian right-of-way violations, tailgating, and improper passing.

Holding Reckless Drivers Responsible

Many crashes leave people with injuries that affect their lives in a very dramatic way. People who suffer car accident injuries often need to take significant time off work in order to recover, which makes it difficult to pay for medical expenses like surgeries, therapy, and medicine. In more severe cases, car accident survivors may no longer be able to do their job and often require in-home care to complete normal daily tasks like cooking and cleaning.

Those who have been injured in a car accident shouldn’t have to suffer because of the negligence of a reckless driver, and injured parties can often claim payments for their physical, financial, and emotional damages. To learn about claiming payment from negligent parties after an accident, you can watch the following video. If you want to know even more, you should reach out to a Corning car accident lawyer as soon as you can.

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