September 15, 2015
Edward Smith

Merced Resident Injured in Pedestrian Accident

Calling all bicyclists and pedestrians in Citrus Heights!

A grant has been awarded to the City of Citrus Heights.

This grant will be used to fund a study that aims to improve bicycle and pedestrian access and crossing over Interstate 80 (I-80) at Antelope Road in Citrus Heights.

This study is officially called the I-80 Bicycle/Pedestrian Overcrossing Feasibility Study. It is already underway and in need of public participation.


A community meeting will be held on Wednesday, September 16, 2015 at 6pm.


Rusch Park
Sunrise/Patio Room
7801 Auburn Boulevard
Citrus Heights, CA

What is a Bicycle/Pedestrian Overcrossing Feasibility Study?

Basically, this study is going to look at safety, right of way, bike and pedestrian demand, alternatives, cost, grant opportunities, environmental issues and overall constructability.

Who Should Come Out To Participate?

  • Citizens of Citrus Heights
  • Property Owners
  • Businesses


  • Because these three groups have an important and unique role in the selection, alignment and placement of the I-80 overcrossing.
  • These groups are needed to participate in determining what the best amenities are for serving our community’s needs.

How Will My Participation Benefit the Study?

  • Your unique input will be utilized along with advice from California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) to get this project moved forward.
  • A grant application for design and construction will be made from the input collected.
  • The City of Citrus Heights wants the community to be involved with input so that they can present multiple options and create the most feasible plan.

What Do I Need To Do to Participate?

Simply come out and participate in the process by attending the 9/16/15 meeting at 6pm.

Are There Other Ways to Participate?

Glad you asked!  If you are unable to attend meetings, simply contact us by telephone or electronically via the internet with your input:

I-80 Bicycle/Pedestrian Crossing Team (916) 727-4770

Follow this link to go online to view proposed overcrossings, click MAP here.

Fill out the online QUESTIONNAIRE here. This is how you will let the City of Citrus Heights know what you think. Your input is valuable.

This is the team working on your overcrossing:

Mr. Kevin Becker, Principal, Civil Engineer
Ms. Regina Cave, Management Analyst
Mr. Casey Kempenaar, Senior Planner

Your team members can be reached at (916) 727-4770

You may also follow this link to the City of Citrus Heights website where the above information can be reviewed: http:/

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Image Attribution:  City of Citrus Heights Website