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Critical Injuries in Brentwood Rollover Accident

Woman Sustains Critical Injury from Rollover Accident in Brentwood

A single-vehicle rollover accident in an unincorporated part of Brentwood resulted in one 59-year old woman being flown to a local medical center for her critical injuries on the evening of Tuesday, April 7. According to Craig Auzenne, East Contra Costa Fire Protection District (ECCFPD) Battalion Chief, the driver was in her car alone and was the only person involved in the crash. She was reportedly taken to a hospital in critical condition. No update on her condition was immediately available. The accident is currently under investigation by the California Highway Patrol (CHP).

Brentwood Rollover Crash Details

The accident was called into emergency responders just before 9:00 p.m. that Tuesday. CalFire and ECCFPD firefighters arrived at the site of the crash on Marsh Creek Road, where they discovered a red Jeep Cherokee standing upright in a field about 25 yards from the road. The car wreck was a short distance east of an intersection with Lydia Lane. According to Craig Auzenne, the damaged Jeep had rolled at least once. The 59-year old woman suffered critical injuries as a result.

The Contra Costa Fire Protection District called in a medical helicopter, which had to successfully land and takeoff at a tricky location due to the location of the accident. Despite the challenging conditions, the helicopter flew the injured woman to the John Muir trauma center in Walnut Creek. The origin of the accident has yet to be determined. It is unknown if drugs or alcohol were involved in the crash. CHP is still investigating the incident.

Top Reasons that Rollover Accidents Occur

Losing control of a car is the most commonly linked factor associated with rollover accidents. However, a rollover accident can occur due to external factors that are outside of the driver’s control. Some examples of such are listed below:

  • Aggressive driver – One can lose control of their vehicle if another driver is being aggressive and showing signs of road rage. Aggressive drivers can tailgate, cut in and out of coming traffic, and even force someone off the road with certain types of maneuvers.
  • Motor vehicle defects – A car that has faulty brakes, accelerators, or steering wheel could all potentially influence a rollover accident.
  • Negligent road maintenance – Not all roads are properly maintained and inspected as they should be, and this is problematic for all drivers. Roads with heavy debris or soft shoulders can affect the chances of a rollover accident.

Getting Legal Help After a Rollover Accident

Contrary to what you may expect, the complications of an accident and determining liability can even be seen in single-vehicle accidents. This is why it is crucial to contact an experienced team of lawyers in your area. Our office will send our team of expert investigators to collect information that can help us figure out why the accident happened the way it did. We gather evidence through reviewing police reports, checking for any potential eyewitnesses or surveillance footage, analyzing the road itself for any noticeable damage or lack of maintenance that may point to a government entity, etc. All evidence collected is handed back over to our legal professionals that can build on what we know to make a strong case for our clients. We use every resource available to help you receive the personal injury damages that you deserve.

Brentwood Personal Injury Lawyer

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