Car Accident on State Route 4 and Lone Tree Way in Brentwood

Crash on SR-4 and Lone Tree Way

Officials in Brentwood reported a crash involving two vehicles on SR-4 and Lone Tree Way on the afternoon of Tuesday, February 22, 2022. The car wreck occurred along the eastbound lanes of State Route 4 at the Lone Tree Way offramp.

Details on the Crash Reported on SR-4 and Lone Tree Way in Brentwood

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) responded to the call of the car accident on eastbound SR-4 and located both involved vehicles on the right-hand side. These included a gray Hyundai sedan and a gray Nissan Sentra. One party reported injuries in the crash. However, CHP traffic officers did not release additional information on the incident, including the sequence of events leading up to it and the extent of the reporting party’s injuries.

Is Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney Worth It?

Even the most minor of traffic collisions may result in some of the most serious injuries. When you find yourself involved in one, it is essential to understand what steps must be taken to protect your rights. That is because the insurance company representing the other side or even your own will get to work quickly on investigating the accident and your bodily injury claim. In the latter, they may resort to any defense tactic to get out of paying the claim or even outright denying it. Since your actions may have a considerable impact on the value of your injury case, it is essential to discuss your options for recovery with a skilled Brentwood personal injury lawyer. That is because, unlike the insurance company, an attorney will have your goals and future at heart and that plays a pivotal role in the outcome of your case.

Injured parties have an advantage when they have an experienced accident attorney on their side to conduct an independent investigation of the incident, interview witnesses, gather evidence, and present the evidence in a way that the insurance company or jury will understand the extent of accident-related injuries and damages incurred. Since every accident case is unique, substantial time and effort are required into building each one for fair compensation. The sooner an injury lawyer is retained, the sooner the attorney can get to work by collecting and preserving evidence before it is lost or destroyed over time. Keep in mind that a two-year statute of limitations may apply to most cases and having the right attorney representing you will ensure that all filing criteria and deadlines will be met accordingly. Watch this video to learn how to find the best attorney to handle your accident case.

Should You Accept the First Settlement Offer from the Insurance Company?

In the immediate aftermath of a car accident, it is not uncommon for the insurance company representing the negligent driver to make an initial settlement offer. While injured parties may be persuaded into accepting it, the reality is that any initial offer will be far less than what they deserve, particularly if they require ongoing treatment. That is why it is essential to discuss your case with an experienced Brentwood personal injury lawyer to learn about your rights. Unlike the insurer, you can depend on your attorney to decide what steps must be taken to recover the compensation you deserve. Contact our law firm to get started today with a free case evaluation.

Personal Injury Attorney in Brentwood

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