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June 09, 2023
Edward Smith

Crash on Southbound I-680 in Pleasanton

On the morning of June 8, 2023, the California Highway Patrol reported a crash on southbound I-680 in Pleasanton. The traffic collision involved two vehicles and occurred on southbound Interstate 680 at the Sunol Boulevard offramp, according to authorities.

Details on the Crash on Southbound I-680 in Pleasanton

A preliminary report indicated that a white Subaru Forester was involved in a crash with a black Chevrolet Silverado. CHP traffic officers located the Subaru on the right-hand shoulder and the Chevrolet in the No. 1 Lane of southbound Interstate 680.

Injuries were reported in the two-vehicle collision. However, information on the number of people injured in the crash was not available. An investigation into the incident is ongoing by the California Highway Patrol, and no further details have yet been released.

Why is it Useful to Work With a Personal Injury Attorney?

Getting into a traffic collision and sustaining injuries may be a life-altering experience. Accident-related injuries may cause significant discomfort and physical pain, not to mention lead to significant financial hardship. If someone else is to blame for the car wreck, it is essential to hold them and their insurance company liable for damages. This starts with working with a skilled California personal injury lawyer. Some of the ways an attorney can help you with your case include:

  • Guidance and Support: Recovering from injuries after a car wreck while dealing with insurers, mounting medical bills, and time missed at work may be stressful and overwhelming. A skilled injury attorney can provide support and guidance throughout the personal injury claims process. They can provide reassurance, help claimants make well-informed decisions, and offer a clear perspective.
  • Knowledge of the Legal Process: Cases for personal injury have specific legal requirements and deadlines that must be met. Failure to protect the statute of limitations or fulfill filing requirements may jeopardize the case. A skilled attorney is well-versed in these requirements and time limits and will ensure that all necessary documents are filed on time.
  • Insurance Negotiations: An attorney with experience handling personal injury cases will have the skills to negotiate settlements with insurance carriers and defense counsel. Unlike the other side, the lawyer’s goal is to secure a favorable settlement agreement on behalf of the client. An attorney will use their knowledge of California personal injury law and skills to advocate for their client’s rights.
  • Contingent Fee Agreement: Most lawyers, like ours at, handle cases of personal injury on contingent fee arrangements. Working on contingency means that an attorney only gets paid if they obtain a successful resolution on behalf of the client. This agreement allows an injured party to obtain legal representation without the concern of upfront costs.

Navigating the personal injury claims process may be challenging. Understanding your rights as an injured party, collecting evidence, dealing with insurers, and negotiating insurance settlements may add stress to an already stressful situation. That is why it is useful to retain legal counsel in such matters. A skilled personal injury attorney, like ours at, can provide the legal counsel and guidance needed during this difficult time. Learn about our services in the video below.

Personal Injury Lawyer in Pleasanton

Seeking immediate medical treatment, reaching out for emotional support when needed, and consulting with a skilled accident attorney may alleviate some of the stress and uncertainty that comes with a car wreck. If a recent motor vehicle collision left you injured and the incident was the result of another driver’s negligence, it is helpful to know that you may be entitled to financial compensation. Learn more by calling our Pleasanton personal injury lawyers for free, friendly case advice at (925) 428-5220 or (800) 404-5400. We are available anytime for free case evaluations.

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