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Crash Injures Modesto Motorcycle Officer

Crash Injures Modesto Motorcycle Officer

Crash Injures Modesto Motorcycle Officer

Crash Injures Modesto Motorcycle Officer

I’m Ed Smith, a Modesto personal injury lawyer. A motorcycle officer from the Modesto Police Department was involved in a crash on the morning of Friday, November 25, 2016. Unfortunately, the crash caused the officer to be taken to a hospital for treatment.

What Happened?

A motorcycle officer from the Modesto Police Department was traveling southbound along Claus Road. For unknown reasons, a vehicle turned onto Claus Road from Floyd Road and collided with the motorcycle officer. The impact of the collision propelled the motorcycle officer about thirty feet. The collision caused the officer’s motorcycle to sustain severe body damage. The crash caused traffic mayhem along Claus Road from Milnes Road to Briggsmore Avenue.

What Types of Injuries?

The motorist driving the vehicle was uninjured in the crash. The motorcycle officer was reported to be in stable condition after the crash. While the officer was being transported to the hospital, he was reported to be alert and conscious. The motorcycle officer was admitted for the night at the hospital to be treated for bone fractures.

What is a Bone Fracture?

Simply stated, a fracture is a break in the bone.

Where in the body can bone fractures occur?

Personal injury victims can suffer a variety of fractures to their spinal bones (vertebrae), arm and/or leg bones.

Do Car accident victims suffer fractures?

Yes. Our auto accident lawyers see a significant number of traumatic injuries resulting from car crashes.

What type of fractures happen in the spine?

Well, the spine is made up of a column of bones. Each individual bone is known as a vertebrae. Together, the vertebrae serve two main purposes. One, they protect the spinal cord, which is a bundle of nerves that carry messages from the brain to the rest of our body. Two, the vertebrae give the shape we see in a person’s neck (this is called the cervical spine), mid-back (also known as the thoracic spine) and lower back (called the lumbar spine).

Are There More Than One Type of Spinal Fracture?

Yes. There are five of them. They are described below:

  • Compression fractures: The front (anterior section) of a vertebra breaks losing its height, but the back (anterior) part of the vertebrae does not
  • Transverse process fractures: This type of fracture is caused by rotation or extreme sideways and lateral bending.
  • Axial burst fractures: The fractured vertebrae loses height in the back and in the front.
  • Fractures/dislocations: This is an unstable back injury involving bone and connective tissue in which one vertebra may move away from the adjacent vertebra, thus creating a painful displacement.
  • Flexion/distraction (or chance) fractures: Here, the vertebrae get pulled apart (called a distraction), usually after a head-on crash. What happens is the upper body is propelled forward while the pelvis remains stabilized due to being secured by the lap seatbelt.

Are Traffic Collisions Involving Modesto Police Officers Very Common?

Lately, it does seem that way. This traffic collision is reportedly the third involving an officer from the Modesto Police Department since October. Another collision reported on October 26, 2016 involved an officer crashing his patrol car into Chicago Pizza along Burney Street. This officer was actually on his way to assist with a vehicle pursuit. Another accident reported on October 10, 2016 involved a Honda Accord broadsiding an officer’s patrol vehicle along Tully Road in the vicinity of Union Avenue. Thankfully, none of the officers were fatally injured in these accidents.

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