Crash-and-Run Incident Near Auburn Causes Injuries

Bicyclist Injured on Crosby Herold Road in a Crash-and-Run Incident

A crash-and-run incident occurred west of Auburn on January 2, injuring a bicycle rider. The accident occurred at the intersection of Crosby Herold and Wise roads around 1:31 p.m. The California Highway Patrol (CHP), Placer County Sheriff’s Office, and Wheatland Police Department responded to the scene. Fire department first responders were called to assess the bicycle rider’s injuries. 

Caller May Have Spotted Vehicle in Crash-and-Run Incident

A caller to the police reported that they may have seen the suspect vehicle that fled the scene. The car they saw had a man sitting inside. It was a Chrysler 300 with front-end damage and was missing the passenger-side mirror. The caller said the vehicle was currently at Green Acres in Auburn, and they had obtained the license plate number. 

Investigation Ongoing in Crash-and-Run Incident

No additional information was provided regarding the rider’s injuries or whether the driver of the reported vehicle was questioned. The CHP traffic accident unit is investigating to determine what caused the bicyclist’s injuries. 

Accidents That Occur in Rural Areas

One danger in rural areas is the incidence of accidents and injuries. Drivers are often less cautious because of the lack of police presence and few vehicles sharing the roadway. These factors may make them more likely to engage in activities they wouldn’t do on an urban street or highway. 

Investigating a Crash-and-Run Incident

Locating the driver in a hit-and-run is essential so that the injured rider can recover compensation. We’ve successfully handled many of these types of collisions. We investigate to recover evidence to support your injury claim and have the experience and resources to do so. Among the areas in which we investigate are:

  • Checking the police report for accuracy
  • Performing accident reconstruction
  • Examining surveillance cameras at businesses, homes and traffic lights
  • Searching the scene for evidence such as paint, metal or tire marks
  • Conducting interviews with witnesses

Recovery of Compensation Following a Bicycle Accident Injury

In several areas, compensation is recoverable in a bicycle accident caused by a negligent driver. Of course, all cases are different, and the compensation you recover can depend on factors such as the seriousness of your trauma. However, the following is usually recoverable:

  • Medical expenses, from the fee for the ambulance service to hospitalization, doctors’ bills and your rehabilitation, are recoverable.
  • Wages you lost because you couldn’t work due to your injury are recoverable. If your injury means you can no longer perform your job and have to take one that pays less, the difference is recoverable. If you suffer permanent injury, you can recover your wages until retirement, but in a lump sum.
  • Pain and suffering are recoverable and include both the physical and emotional trauma you went through.

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Bicycle Accident Lawyer in Auburn

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