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May 15, 2024
Edward Smith

Pregnant Woman Dies in Cottonwood Head-On Crash on Bowman Road

A pregnant woman was killed in a Cottonwood head-on crash on May 13. The accident happened at Bowman Road close to Adams Road around 4:40 a.m., according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP). An Anderson woman, 33, was in a Chevy Equinox heading west along Boman when the vehicle crossed into the opposing lane. It collided with a Ford F-150 pickup that was going east. 

Cottonwood Head-On Crash Causes Fatality and Injuries

Emergency extraction of both drivers was performed by emergency responders. The pickup driver, a Cottonwood resident, 39, sustained moderate trauma and was taken to Redding’s Mercy Medical Center for treatment. The woman in the Equinox was also transported there, where she and her unborn child were declared dead. The CHP traffic crash unit is conducting an investigation to determine the accident’s cause.

Head-on Collisions and Their Causes

Most of the time, a Cottonwood head-on crash occurs due to driver error, such as speeding, distractions, or fatigue. However, there are additional reasons a driver can lose control of their vehicle and go into the opposing lane. They include:

  • Mechanical problems with the vehicle: If a vehicle’s brakes fail, the accelerator sticks or it has other serious problems, it can cause the driver to lose control and go into another lane, causing a Cottonwood head-on crash. Retaining the vehicle is important, so it can be examined for defects. If a defective part led to the accident, the family can recover damages from the manufacturer and others by filing a product liability claim.
  • Roadway damage: A government entity that hasn’t performed proper maintenance to keep a roadway in good condition can be held liable for accident fatalities. Improper maintenance includes potholes, cracks and fissures in the pavement, blurred or unpainted lines, soft shoulders and weak guardrails. Because the statute of limitations to file a claim against a government entity is a short six months, getting assistance from an accident lawyer can help.

Compensation Recovery Following a Wrongful Death

The spouse and children of someone who dies in a wrongful death accident can recover:

  • Funeral, cremation and burial costs
  • Wages the decedent would have earned until their age of retirement
  • Recovery of compensation by the spouse for their loss of love, moral support, and consortium
  • Recovery of compensation by the children for their loss of moral support, nurturing and guidance
  • Recovery of compensation for household assistance
  • In some cases, loss of inheritance

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