Cortisone Injections for Hip and Knee Pain Pose a Threat

Cortisone Injections for Hip and Knee Pain Pose a Threat

Recently, research was conducted by the Boston University School of Medicine, focusing on cortisone injections used to treat hip or knee pain. Cortisone is a powerful steroid that is used to reduce inflammation in various areas throughout the body. Inflammation is the body’s response to trauma and stress. This inflammation can lead to swelling, pain, and redness. Many athletes rely on cortisone injections to help them reduce soreness and expedite their recovery. Individuals who suffer from osteoarthritis also use cortisone injections to help with their symptoms.

Unfortunately, a research paper found that these cortisone injections may pose a danger to those who have hip or knee pain. Because these injections are so common, it is important for everyone to remain informed regarding the risk of this treatment. There might be suitable alternatives available.

The Design of the Research Study

The team of doctors from the Boston University School of Medicine looked at the charts of patients who received cortisone injections during 2018. These patients received these injections for a variety of reasons, ranging from acute injuries to chronic pain. The doctors were looking for signs of complications that might have developed after receiving injections. Patients received cortisone shots in different locations, including the hips and knees. Then, they were followed at regularly scheduled follow-up appointments. Any complications were noted.

The Results of the Study on Cortisone Injections

The research team found that a significant number of patients who received these injections suffered complications. 10 percent of those who received hip injection developed subsequent medical issues. 4 percent of patients who received a cortisone shot in their knee also suffered medical complications.

Some of the complications that these patients suffered include stress fractures, further progression of arthritis, and even a total collapse of the joint itself. These problems are serious because, if this injection speeds up the disintegration of a joint, it might lead to a total joint replacement. This is a significant surgical procedure that might be avoided if an alternative treatment is used. Therefore, patients need to be given more information regarding the risk of regular cortisone injections.

Future Directions and Patient Safety

These results show that patients need to be better informed regarding the risk of cortisone injections. It is also likely that many doctors are not aware of the increased risk of regular cortisone shots. Both physicians and patients need to be careful with these injections because, according to the research team, they are not as safe as was previously thought. The findings from the Boston University School of Medicine will be published in a peer-reviewed academic journal.

The research team hopes that this risk will be published in the regular consent forms that patients sign. Doctors need to follow patients receiving these injections carefully. This may include regular x-ray images to look for signs of joint damage or erosion. Those who are suffering from pain disproportionate to exam findings should have alternative treatments made available. This pain might be a sign of early joint damage. The hope is that, in the future, these risks can be avoided, and patient safety will remain at the forefront of medicine.

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