Core Muscle Surgery After an Auto Accident

Core Muscle Surgery After an Auto Accident

Abdominal trauma is common in a motor vehicle accident and, sometimes, this can lead to core muscle surgery. The core muscles of the abdomen have an important job. They are responsible for providing strength and stability to the torso while also protecting important organs such as the liver, stomach, intestines, and kidneys. There are numerous reasons why someone might suffer abdominal trauma in an auto accident. Blunt force trauma can come from an impact with the steering wheel or dashboard. Penetrating injuries might result from metal, shrapnel, or glass that flies through the vehicle.

Core muscle injuries can be painful, and it is important for everyone to know how to treat them. While some core muscle injuries can be treated without surgery, others will require a trip to the operating room.

Non-Surgical Core Muscle Treatment Options

Following a car wreck, people may look down and notice a large bruise on their abdomen. They might also feel a twinge when they try to turn to the left or right. It might be hard to lay down, sit up, or stand. These are all signs of a core muscle injury. When someone visits the doctor, he or she may recommend non-surgical treatment options at first.

Some of the non-surgical treatment options for a core muscle injury include rest, ice, and heat. It will be important for people to modify their activity level to avoid placing stress on their core muscles. Anti-inflammatory medications, such as Tylenol and Motrin, will also play a role in preventing further muscle damage. Physical therapy is often recommended so that people can rebuild their core muscle strength carefully. Individuals who have suffered a core muscle injury may also need to visit a doctor for therapeutic injections that may provide pain relief, reduce inflammation, and promote healing.

Even with a comprehensive treatment plan, this might not be enough to complete the recovery process. This is where core muscle surgery is required.

An Overview of Core Muscle Surgery

When deciding whether or not someone needs core muscle surgery following an auto accident, the doctor will work with the patient on an individual, case by case basis. Sometimes, it might be obvious immediately after an accident that surgery is needed. In other cases, the inability to resume normal activity a month after the accident may indicate that surgery is necessary.

The goals of surgery are to restore muscle attachments to their proper location, providing both strength and stability. A trained and experienced surgeon is going to identify tears and avulsions within the core muscles. He or she will make sure that the tendons and ligaments are properly attached to their respective locations. The doctor will also look for muscles that might have become entrapped in the accident, releasing them if necessary.

Once the procedure is done, individuals will still need to go through a comprehensive physical therapy program. This is important for restoring strength to the core muscles while also ensuring that individuals can resume their normal activity level in a reasonable amount of time. Those who have diabetes, are overweight, are obese, or are smokers may take substantially longer to recover from core muscle surgery. Ultimately, most people will regain their baseline level of activity a few months after surgery.

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