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Cops Warn Against Lane Splitting for Motorcyclists


Lane Splitting Warning

A recent motorcycle accident on the Pacific Coast Highway approaching Malibu has led police to issue a warning to motorcyclists about the dangerous practice of lane splitting. The rider on the bike suffered traumatic injuries and was transported to a local hospital. According to the slim details, the motorcyclist was weaving in and out of stop-and-go traffic when he got into an accident. The accident occurred near the intersection of Pacific Coast Highway and Las Tunas.

A Legally Permitted Practice

Back on January 1 of this year, the state of California made lane splitting a legal practice. Despite it being legal, many law enforcement officials warn against it. Officials have said that there are procedures motorcyclists must follow if they wish to split lanes. The Malibu-Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station said that lane splitting should not be performed when operating a bike 10 MPH over the flow of traffic. The state of California recommends that motorcyclists do not lane split at a rate of speed higher than 25 MPH.

A Liability Warning

Detective David Huelsen, of the Malibu-Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station, warned that if motorcyclists lane split while going above the recommended speed of 25 MPH and suffer an accident, some of the liability can be placed on them for the crash.

Huelsen recently spoke with The Malibu Times, stating that if a motorcyclist is traveling at a higher rate of speed than the traffic flow, it will likely be difficult for traffic to notice you as you change lanes or perform other movements. Huelsen warns that motorcycles traveling faster than the flow of traffic will not have the ability to react quickly enough if a vehicle is changing lanes in front of you. He also recommends not splitting lanes if traffic is traveling at 30 MPH or higher. He put it bluntly, saying that if your odometer on the bike says 30 MPH, then lane splitting should not occur.

Huelsen noted that most motorcycle accidents involving lane splitting occur on freeways, but they have happened more often on the Pacific Coast Highway. He also said that many motorcycle accidents on the Pacific Coast Highway occur because larger cars, trucks, and buses do not see the motorcycle as it changes lanes.

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