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January 20, 2017
Edward Smith


Construction Zone Auto Accidents

I’m Ed Smith, a Stockton car accident lawyer. Everyone knows the frustrating feeling of driving down a highway and seeing multiple open lanes to the side. Unfortunately, they are blocked off by traffic cones that seem to go on forever. The heavy highway traffic is relegated to one lane and there is one inpatient driver that just doesn’t seem to have the time for the construction zone. Then, the unthinkable happens and a car accident occurs. What should everyone keep in mind to help reduce car accidents through construction zones?

The Most Common Causes of Construction Zone Auto Accidents

There are a number of factors involved in construction zone auto accidents. Some of the most common factors include:

Sudden Traffic Shifts: While there are always warnings ahead of construction zones, some drivers choose to ignore them or do not believe a construction zone is actually coming up ahead. When their lane suddenly disappears, they are forced to either slam on their brakes or merge into another lane of traffic unexpectedly. Both scenarios can lead to a serious car crash.

Lanes Become Narrow: Sometimes, a construction zone will attempt to keep multiple lanes open by simply making the lanes more narrow. Vehicles might not adjust their driving for these narrowed lanes and can scrape up against the cars next to them.

Failure to Adhere to Posted Speeds: Construction zones always post lower speed limits than would otherwise exist on the open road. This is because there are external factors such as construction workers, traffic cones, and fewer lanes. People who refuse to adhere to these reduced speeds are at great risk for causing a car accident in a construction zone.

Detours through Unfamiliar Territory: Sometimes, construction zones will take over all lanes of traffic and force drivers to take an alternate path around the construction zone. This detour could force drivers into area that they aren’t familiar with. Unfamiliarity with the territory can also lead to car accidents in construction zones.

Watch Youtube VideoConstruction Zone Accident, by Trends Video. The video below shows how traffic builds up when a lane is reduced for construction. (No audio for this video).

Damages can Result from Construction Zone Car Accidents

Car accidents that occur in construction zones can often wind up being more serious than typical car accidents for a variety of reasons. These reasons include:

Construction Equipment is Present: Many construction zones use heavy equipment that is required to lay down asphalt, dig through dirt, and deploy concrete walls. These are giant machines that can cause heinous medical injuries if cars are unfortunate enough to collide with these enormous machines.

Construction Workers are Present: Construction zones aren’t just dangerous for the drivers but for the workers that are working in the zone as well. If cars collide with a construction worker, that hard hat is not going to be enough to prevent horrific injuries. This is why there are warning signs all over construction zones to slow down and pay attention to the construction workers.

Inadequate Warning Signs: Sometimes, serious car accidents result from construction zones failing to adequately warn drivers. These signs are important because they grab people’s attention and force them to slow down and pay attention to their surroundings. If they aren’t present, people don’t know a construction zone is coming up and can have a serious car accident.

Watch Youtube VideoVehicle Hits Contractor on EB Interstate 80. In this video a motorist driving a burgundy vehicle entered a cone zone before the sun came up and crashed into a construction worker that was standing outside his trailer resulting in serious injuries and property damage. This construction zone auto accident happened during the Across The Top construction project.

Stockton Construction Zone Accident Lawyers

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