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Concussion Impacts Still Evident a Year Later

Impacts of Concussion Can Still Linger for Years

A recent report showed that concussion impacts might linger for more than a year following the initial injury. This is important because, in many instances, a single concussion is seen as a minor brain injury when contrasted with a cerebral contusion, a brain bleed, or a herniation. On the other hand, this initial report paints a markedly different picture of a concussion.

A concussion is typically defined as a blow to the head that temporarily alters the way the brain functions. A concussion does not necessarily include or exclude a loss of consciousness. Based on this broad description, a concussion can sometimes be viewed as relatively minor; however, repeated concussions can also be extremely severe. As a result, everyone needs to take note of this new report that shows the impacts of even a single concussion can linger for a year or more.

The Current Treatment of a Concussion

There are numerous ways that someone might suffer a concussion. Some of the most common mechanisms include contact sports, a slip and fall incident, or an auto accident. When someone has been diagnosed with a concussion, trained medical professionals typically clear that person to return to sports, school, or work once the symptoms resolve.

Some of the most common symptoms of a concussion include recurring headaches, difficulty sleeping, an inability to concentrate, and changes in mood or behavior. The symptoms, like the concussions, can range widely from person to person. Therefore, it can be a challenge for doctors to tell precisely when the symptoms have resolved.

The Design of the Research Study on Concussion Impacts

A team of researchers from the Neuroscience Research Program at a hospital in Toronto, Canada designed a study to track concussions using medical imaging instead of clinical symptoms. In the study, scientists compared the MRI findings of those who had been diagnosed with a concussion with those who had not. The research population included an even number of both males and females. These individuals underwent an MRI immediately after their injury was diagnosed and underwent a repeat MRI about a year later.

The results of the study were interesting. The researchers found that individuals who had been diagnosed with a concussion had significantly reduced blood flow to certain areas of their brain even one year later. Furthermore, both the initial MRI and the scan performed one year later noted brain swelling. The findings of altered blood flow and brain swelling were not indicated in individuals who had not been diagnosed with a concussion.

The Significance of the Research Study

Even though these findings certainly caught the attention of the research team and medical professionals, the brain activity and connectivity of the brain’s neural networks had appeared to return to normal. Nevertheless, these findings do suggest that different regions of the brain may take longer to recover from a concussion than others.

Currently, researchers say that they aren’t sure of the significance of their results. Clinically, those who have been diagnosed with a concussion return to normal relatively quickly. However, the MRI scans paints a different picture. Clearly, more information is needed to understand the significance of these findings concerning a mild traumatic brain injury.

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