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June 06, 2019
Edward Smith

Bone Fractures in a Car Accident

Like other injuries, bone fractures vary in both their type and severity. It is essential to classify bone fractures because this diagnosis will dictate the treatment plan. Some of the ways that medical professionals might classify a broken bone include:

  • Location: The location of the fracture is crucial because it determines the possible associated injuries that might be present. The location also dictates the surgical approach if an operation is needed to repair the fracture.
  • Simple vs. Comminuted: Bone fractures are described as simple if there is a single break in the bone. If multiple fracture lines are present, the fracture is typically described as comminuted.
  • Displaced vs. Non-Displaced: If a fracture is displaced, the bone fragments have been shifted from their typical anatomic location. If the fracture is non-displaced, there is a crack in the bone, but the pieces are still correctly aligned.

Another term that is often used to describe fractures is compound. Everyone should understand how a compound fracture might occur in an auto accident. There are serious complications that might result.

What is a Compound Bone Fracture?

The term compound fracture is typically applied to severe breaks. Usually, a compound fracture protrudes through the skin and, often, is broken in more than one location. Some of the symptoms of a compound bone fracture include:

  • A visible bone fragment protruding through the skin.
  • Significant bruising and swelling at the fracture site.
  • Pain that gets worse with movement.
  • Possible severe bleeding if associated injuries are present.

Depending on the location of the compound fracture, severe complications could result. These include:

  • Delayed fracture healing.
  • Possible damage to nerves and blood vessels.
  • Serious infections due to the break in the skin.

There are several ways in which someone might sustain a compound fracture. This includes a motor vehicle collision.

How Does a Compound Bone Fracture Occur in an Auto Accident?

For a compound bone fracture to occur, a tremendous amount of force is required. This type of force is frequently seen in:

  • High-speed collisions such as those on interstates
  • Multi-car pileups
  • Rollover accidents
  • Cases where an individual has been ejected from the vehicle

These types of extreme forces are capable of causing a compound bone fracture. When emergency medical personnel arrive on the scene and see a visible fracture, their first job is to stabilize the individual. Then, he or she can be transported to the hospital for further medical treatment. This often involves imaging (such as x-rays and CT scans) followed by surgical repair.

Watch YouTube Video: What is a Bone Fracture? This video explains the different types of bone fractures, the symptoms, causes, and treatments.

Contacting an Auto Accident Attorney

Following a serious auto accident, an individual might be diagnosed with a compound bone fracture. In this case, he or she might require surgery to repair the broken bone. This could leave the entire family wondering what they should do next. A meeting with a Sacramento car accident lawyer is an excellent place to start. Some of the ways that a caring injury attorney could help include:

  • Meeting with financial institutions to ensure that all benefits are paid out on time.
  • Discussing the case with an accident reconstruction professional, ensuring that the mechanism is correct.
  • Transitioning a case to the courts when needed.

Families should know that help is always available. Nobody should have to face this situation alone. Meet with a Sacramento car accident lawyer today. You could be deserving of a financial reward.

Sacramento Car Accident Lawyer

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