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June 17, 2019
Edward Smith

What is a Lunate Dislocation? 

Lunate dislocation is a severe hand injury that could lead to significant complications. The lunate is one of the bones of the hand. All of these bones need to work together to allow the hand to move smoothly. The function of the hand depends on its ability to make small movements and adjustments. If any of these bones, such as the lunate, are dislocated, this could place the entire function of the hand at risk. Some of the ways that someone might suffer dislocation of the lunate include:

  • Slipping and falling on an outstretched hand with extreme force.
  • Being involved in a motorcycle accident where the rider braces his or her fall with an outstretched hand.
  • Suffering similar injuries in bicycle and pedestrian accidents.

In this mechanism, all of the ligaments that support the lunate are either sprained or torn, leading to the dislocation.

Signs and Symptoms of a Lunate Dislocation

Following a serious accident, there are several signs that someone might have suffered a dislocation of the lunate. Some of these include:

  • Individuals will often present to the doctor with severe pain in their wrist and hand.
  • There is almost always severe swelling of the hand and wrist.
  • This swelling compresses the median nerve and leads to numbness and tingling of the hand and wrist.
  • When individuals try to extend their fingers, there will be extreme pain.
  • Some people might even prefer to keep their hand in the shape of a fist.

Once the doctor sees these symptoms, he or she will order x-rays of the hand and wrist from multiple directions. On the lateral film (shot from the side of the wrist), the lunate will typically be angled up, confirming the dislocation.

Watch YouTube Video: Lunate Dislocation. This short video provides an overview of a lunate dislocation, its causes, symptoms, and treatments.

Treatment of a Dislocation of the Lunate

If a lunate dislocation is diagnosed on x-ray, this is a medical and surgical emergency. The longer the lunate remains dislocated, the higher the chances of nerve damage, such as median nerve damage, blood vessel trauma, and early-onset arthritis.

A trained orthopedic surgeon will evaluate the hand and wrist of the individual. The surgeon may try to perform a closed reduction (without any surgical incisions) right there in the patient’s room. If the surgeon is unable to do this, then the individual will require a trip to the operating room. There, the surgeon will reduce the lunate and try to repair any associated injuries.

Even with early treatment, there remains a risk that the individual could develop early-onset arthritis. There might also be long-term wrist instability due to the ligament damage. This increases the chance of a reinjury occurring.

Contacting a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

After seeking appropriate medical care, it is also essential for families to meet with a motorcycle accident attorney in Sacramento. It can be stressful to have a loved one undergo surgery for a severe traumatic injury. Families deserve to have help during this difficult time. Some of the benefits of working with an experienced motorcycle lawyer include:

  • Assistance in making difficult decisions following the accident and injury.
  • Guidance in pursuing damages related to the collision, the injury, and any complications.
  • Help to move a case to trial when this is required.

Meet with a motorcycle accident attorney in Sacramento. Your family could be owed a significant award.

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