Complications of Dog Bite Injuries

Complications of Dog Bite Injuries

Complications of Dog Bite Injuries

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento Dog Bite Lawyer. While the vast majority of dogs are friendly and well-trained, dogs always have the potential to become aggressive and attack the people around them. For this reason, it is important for everyone to understand the variety of complications that could result from an injury, no matter why dog bites occur.

Rabies a Possibility

People who have owned a dog understand the importance of dogs getting their rabies vaccination on schedule. For those who don’t know, rabies is a deadly disease that can be transmitted through animals to people. In the case of people, contracting rabies, it may be  universally fatal. Knowing what to do after a dog bite is important. If someone has been attacked by a dog who exhibited an abrupt change in personality or who has been foaming from the mouth, there is a chance that this dog may have rabies. If someone has been bitten by a dog whose rabies status is unknown (or who is a stray), it is important to seek medical attention immediately so that they can receive the rabies treatment. This could prevent the disease from spreading. Most dogs who have been vaccinated have a tag on their collar that signifies their rabies vaccination status; however, this is only one of the types of injuries that can occur.

Dog Bites Can Cause Head Injuries

Unfortunately, many people don’t realize that dog bites can cause head or brain injuries, particularly in children who are easily knocked over. Depending on the size of the dog, the attack could knock anyone to the ground. When the patient falls over, their head could strike the ground with tremendous force, particularly if the person falls onto concrete or pavement. This could lead to anything from a skull fracture to a traumatic brain injury, depending on the force. If the person develops intracranial bleeding, their injury could wind up being life-threatening. If someone who has been attacked by a dog, strikes their head on the ground, it is important for them to receive medical attention immediately. Head injuries are always time-sensitive and deserve urgent medical care. Remember that some dogs are more likely to bite than others.

Miscellaneous Complications of Dog Bite Injuries

While the above injuries are two of the most serious complications that can result from a dog bite or a dog attack, there are several other complications that people should be aware of:

Nerve Damage: if someone uses their hand or arm to shield themselves from a dog bite, they could still wind up with a deep laceration on their hand or arm. There are nerves under the skin that control motor and sensory function. If these nerves are damamage, patients could lose this function.

Facial Lacerations/Facial Scarring: Facial lacerations can result when the skin is punctured or torn due to an animal attack. Additionally, some people suffer facial scarring and other scarring on their body after a serious attack by a dog.

Infection: It’s no secret that the mouth of a dog is not the cleanest place in the world. If the dog bite penetrates the skin, a bacteria could seed itself in the wound underneath, leading to a serious infection that requires antibiotics.

Bleeding: As with any penetrating wound, bleeding is always a risk. If the dog bite is deep or severs a blood vessel, the bleeding could become profuse. People should apply pressure to the wound and visit a qualified medical professional immediately to evaluate the wound and the need for possible blood products.

No matter the complications, someone who has been attacked by a dog can seek damages for the injury.

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