Complications from Delayed Diagnosis of Fractures

Complications from Delayed Diagnosis of Fractures


Complications from Delayed Diagnosis of Fractures

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento Injury Lawyer. When people suffer a bone fracture, it is important to identify this fracture quickly so that patients can receive treatment as quickly as possible. When the diagnosis of bone fractures is delayed, this can lead to several dangerous complications that could compromise the recovery process.

A Delayed Diagnosis Leads to a Longer Recovery Time

If it takes longer to diagnose the fracture after a traumatic injury, the bone will not be able to heal. Those who have had summer humerus shaft fractures or wrist fractures before will remember having their arm placed in a cast. The arm is placed in a cast to immobilize the broken bones. If the bones are still moving, they cannot reattach to the rest of the limb. This means that the bone isn’t healing. By placing the bone in a cast, the fracture is immobilized giving the fracture time to heal over the course of the next several weeks.

A Delay in Diagnosis Could Lead to Malunion

Those who have broken bones before in an auto accident, such as in hand fractures or femur fractures, will remember physician taking x-rays, CT scans, or an MRI to figure out whether or not the fracture has been displaced. This is important because a fracture that has been displaced will require surgery to be put back together. If the fracture isn’t diagnosed quickly, the patient will not receive the proper treatment for a displaced fracture. If a displaced fracture is allowed to heal without being properly placed (or “reduced’), the fracture will heal incorrectly. This is called malunion, or the solidification of bones in an improper alignment. This could lead to a reduced range of motion and a reduced utility of the bone. Fractures should be diagnosed quickly to prevent malunion.

A Delay in Fracture Diagnosis Leads to a Delay in the Diagnosis of Complications

Many fractures have multiple complications and comorbidities that develop with them. For example, a patient could have suffered polytrauma and broken multiple bones. Other bone fractures, such as pediatric hip injuries and fractures, could compromise the blood supply and lead to avascular necrosis. Radius and ulna shaft fractures could damage nerves and lead to compromised motor and sensory function. If there is a delay in diagnosis of the fracture, there is also a delay in the diagnosis and treatment of these complications. Some of these complications could have chronic impacts that damage a patient’s quality of life. It is important for fractures and their complications to be diagnosed quickly.

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