Citrus Heights Accident Injuries Result of Fleeing Driver

Fleeing Driver Leaves Scene of Injury Accident on I-80

On August 11, a motorist was injured in a two-vehicle crash involving a fleeing driver in Citrus Heights. The accident happened around 8:13 a.m. on eastbound I-80 just east of the Antelope Road off-ramp between two Toyota Camrys. Upon arriving at the scene, California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers discovered the newer Camry in the center divider. 

Fleeing Driver Being Sought in Hit-and-Run Collision

The suspected hit-and-run driver was described as being in a brown Toyota Camry that exhibited crash damage on the driver’s side. Medics with the Sacramento Metro Fire District determined that someone in the remaining vehicle had suffered injuries but did not report the extent of trauma. In order to determine fault and the cause of the collision, investigators with the CHP’s traffic collision unit are investigating the incident.

Hit-and-Run Driver

All too often, a driver does not remain at the accident scene. Not only is this illegal, but it leaves the injured party feeling vulnerable. Our car accident lawyers step in and help clients get past this time in their lives. We do this by determining fault using various methods and helping to find the fleeing driver. Some investigative methods we use are:

  • Examining the scene: Our investigators thoroughly examine the accident site for auto debris that could help identify the missing vehicle. For instance, vehicles are painted a specific color by the manufacturer, which gives information about the make and model.
  • Talking to witnesses: Bystanders can often give detailed information about the hit-and-run vehicle and the fleeing motorist. Even part of the license plate number can help.
  • Accident reconstruction: This technique is useful in determining liability and will show the path the vehicles take before, during and after the accident.
  • Surveillance tapes: These are gathered from nearby businesses and traffic lights. They show the accident in real-time. A subpoena can be filed if the owner refuses to provide the footage. 

It is critical to gather this evidence since your case might not be heard without it. We are then able to build a strong claim against the at-fault party.

What Happens If a Fleeing Motorist Is Elusive

Sometimes, a hit-and-run driver is elusive, and action must be taken to bypass this situation. In this case, your car accident lawyer will suggest using your own insurance to pay for medical bills and other damages. An uninsured/underinsured policy allows you to recover compensation for your injuries if the fleeing driver isn’t located.

If you don’t happen to have this type of insurance but a member of your family does, you can use that instead. It will not affect the policy rates in the future. We do all we can to find the hit-and-run driver, but if this is not possible, we will stand by your side all the way. 

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