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Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome


Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome: A Challenging Condition

What Exactly is Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)?

This medical condition often develops after some type of injury damages both the central nervous and peripheral nervous systems. While the central nervous system (CNS) is composed of both the spinal cord and the brain – it’s the peripheral nervous system that sends out information or signals (from the CNS) to other parts of the body.

Some people discover they have CRPS after suffering damage to an arm, hand, leg or foot. If the limb doesn’t heal properly, chronic pain can develop. This condition (previously referred to as reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome), tends to afflict more women than men — although both sexes can develop it. While the elderly and children under age five rarely develop this ailment, an extremely limited number of children between the ages of five and ten are diagnosed with CRPS.

Common Symptoms of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome – They Often Vary

Due to blood circulation problems and damaged nerve endings that can develop, patients battling this ailment may experience unusual skin color changes, skin temperatures, and swelling in the damaged limb. In some cases, when a specific injury is not readily evident – treating doctors must carefully rule out Lyme disease, arthritis, various muscle ailments, and other medical conditions.

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