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CHP Safety Tips for Road Trips During COVID-19

California Road Trips: Summer 2020

While many California counties are gradually opening up to tourism, they are doing so with precautions and hope that road trippers will abide by the coronavirus restrictions present within each county.  Now more than ever, when embarking on California road trips, we should make an effort to do so respectfully and responsibly.

Give Your Neglected Vehicle Some Attention

With that in mind, last month, the California Highway Patrol issued a press release focusing on road trip safety during the pandemic. CHP officials are aware that road trips will be a bit different now than prior summers. One thing to consider is that due to shelter in place orders and many people working from home, our vehicles may not have been driven regularly for months.  Idle vehicles can develop maintenance issues, which can result in an increased risk of breakdowns during a road trip.

Beware of Other Drivers

Besides attending to repairs and maintenance, the CHP used their press release to remind drivers that since there are still fewer vehicles on the road, some drivers have been tempted to speed or drive more aggressively.  CHP reports an increase in moving violations related to excessive speeds of 100 mph or more.  Be aware of this hazard and remain vigilant on the road.

Other Safety Tips Within the June 2020 CHP Road Trip Safety Release

  • As always, never operate a vehicle after consuming alcohol or medication/drugs that cause impairment.
  • While operating a moving vehicle, avoid distractions.
  • Ensure that your car’s maintenance is up to date, especially given the high summer temperatures.  Hot weather stresses tires, engines, fluid levels, belts, and hoses.
  • Make sure your vehicle wipers and wiper fluid are working properly.  Dusty highways and dead bugs can lead to significantly reduced visibility.
  • Program in advance your vehicle’s navigation system, or any map program on your mobile device. Ensure that your attention will not be taken from the road while following the program’s directions.
  • Always wear your seat belt properly and make sure your passengers are also secured safely, especially young children.
  • Do not leave children, the elderly, or your pets unattended in your vehicle.
  • Plan for delays.  Currently, there is a lot of road construction happening throughout the state, which means more work zones to be aware of.  Slow for the cone zone.

Visit California’s Reminders for Road Trips 

The CHP is not the only entity weighing with tips for Summer 2020 road trips. 

The tourism website Visit California presents the acronym RESPECT for travelers to remember when exploring California cities during the pandemic. 

R = Roam Responsibly

When exploring other cities in California, do so responsibly and thoughtfully with respect for the people and places you encounter.

E = Educate 

Familiarize yourself with local restrictions and regulations with regard to COVID-19.  This is particularly important when visiting communities that have fewer hospitals and healthcare resources.

S = Safety 

Follow health directives from the local or statewide offices.  Minimize health risks to others.  If you are sick, stay home.

P = Preserve California

Keep your footprints light.  Protect California’s beautiful outdoor spaces.  Pay attention, especially to delicate ecosystems throughout the state.

E = Embrace Community

Support local businesses, which will help ensure the long-term prosperity of the towns and cities you visit.

C = Celebrate Culture

California is home to diverse local cultures.  When visiting a new area, learn about and embrace those cultures.  

T = Teach 

By following the RESPECT tenets, you are leading by example to your family, friends, and fellow travelers.  

Watch the YouTube video below featuring scenic California drives.

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