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May 04, 2024
Edward Smith

Red Light Runner Injured CHP Officer on Highway 49

A CHP motorcycle officer sustained serious injuries in an Auburn area accident involving a red light runner on May 3. The accident occurred on Highway 49 at the intersection with Shale Ridge Road at about 6:35 a.m. According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP) report, a vehicle heading south on the highway went through a red light and struck the officer, ejecting him from his motorcycle. The officer was headed north at the time. 

Authorities Investigating Injury Crash Involving Red Light Runner

The officer suffered major injuries in the collision and was taken to a hospital for treatment. The motorcycle exhibited major damage to its front bumper. The car that struck the officer also exhibited major front-end damage.  Information was not released on whether drugs or alcohol were factors in the accident. An investigation into the cause of the collision is underway by CHP traffic accident detectives.

Choosing an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer

Police officers risk their lives every day working hard to keep everyone else safe. When a CHP officer is injured by a red light runner, it shows that even they aren’t immune to dangers on the road. However, securing the compensation you rightfully deserve after a motorcycle crash necessitates the help of experienced legal professionals. Our team of injury lawyers has a track record of successfully managing a multitude of these claims throughout the years. We also provide a resourceful booklet, the California Motorcycle Accident Handbook, to answer the frequent questions that riders have after suffering from an injury in an accident.

Active Investigation for Compensation After a Major Injury Accident

Actively investigating a motorcycle crash involving another vehicle, such as a red light runner, is crucial to establishing fault. Those who are severely injured in accidents can pursue compensation for a range of damages through a personal injury lawsuit:

  • Medical bills: These are the costs accrued from the injury, covering ambulance services, hospitalization, doctor visits, tests, surgeries, and so forth. It also includes expenses for ongoing rehabilitation. For injuries that result in long-term medical needs, future healthcare costs are also recoverable.
  • Income loss: Individuals unable to work due to their injuries are eligible for compensation for their lost wages. This encompasses not just salary but also tips, bonuses, and benefits related to insurance and pensions. Compensation may also account for the income difference if the victim cannot return to their previous job after recovery, or may provide for future lost earnings until retirement age in the case of permanent disability. For the self-employed, income loss can be demonstrated through tax records and other financial documents.
  • Pain and suffering: Compensation in this category addresses the mental and physical distress caused by the accident, including conditions like anxiety, depression, or PTSD. This also covers the cost of treating these psychological impacts.

Injury attorney Ed Smith has released the following video guide to help you select an accident lawyer:


Auburn Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

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