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Chico Native Finds Ivanka Trump Earring

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July 23, 2016
Edward Smith

Ivanka Trump Earring Lost and Found

A Chico Native found the earrings of Ivanka Trump in the Cleveland Convention Arena.

What Happened?

19-year-old Annabelle Hopkins, a local and graduate from Chico High School, was attending a convention at the Cleveland Arena with her research team from Ohio College of Wooster. When the event ended, Hopkins approached the floor to speak with delegates and shoot pictures together. Hopkins noticed a white object underneath the seating area seats for the families of Trump and Pence. Hopkins then retrieved the white object, which turned out to be an earring and initiated her online research to find out which attendee of the Trump family was wearing the white earring.

Social Media Ivanka Trump’s Lost Earring Efforts

Annabelle Hopkins then discovered the earring belonged to Ivanka Trump when browsing her Instagram page. The Chico native then set up an account on Twitter to reach out to Ivanka Trump. Hopkins and her peers posted multiple photos on Twitter labeled with the hashtag “#GetIvankaHerEarringBack.”  Within hours, hundreds of people retweeted and liked the post, which grabbed the attention of Ivanka on her Twitter account.

Chico Native Returns Ivanka Trump Earring

The two met at the hotel of the Trump family, where Hopkins returned the earring to its original owner. Although Ivanka did not offer a payment to Hopkins, Hopkins stated that the moment of meeting an influential political figure was a worthwhile gift. Ivanka’s assistant granted Hopkins and her research group peers a private tour throughout the campaign floor in Cleveland and provided free event items such as caps, shirts, bumper stickers, and Trump campaign gear. Hopkins and her college research group will attend the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia next week.

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