Chico Man Suffers Major Injuries in Car Crash

Chico Man Suffers Severe Injuries in Car Crash

On Friday, February 19, 2021, a Chico man was seriously injured following an area car crash. California Highway Patrol (CHP) reported the collision and stated that it took place in the Trinity River area close to the small community of Hayfork. The incident only involved a single car, and no other individuals were reported to have been inside the vehicle at the time of the crash. Updates on the man’s condition have not been reported.

Crash Details

According to CHP traffic officers, the accident occurred in the morning at around 7:20 a.m. The Chico man was driving a sedan southbound on State Route 3 at an unknown speed when he reportedly lost control of his vehicle. The sedan drifted right and eventually drove off-road. After leaving the highway, the sedan crashed into a tree, causing extreme damage.

Pictures of the collision show that the vehicle was ripped in half during the crash, with the line of severance running from the front-passenger’s side to the rear-driver’s side. The two halves of the vehicle came to a rest around twenty feet away from each other. The driver’s front side reportedly overturned during the incident.


The driver was reportedly able to exit the wreckage himself and contacted CHP, who immediately rushed responders to the area. On arrival, responders determined that the man had sustained major injuries and had him driven to the Mercy Medical Center in Redding for treatment.


As CHP investigates this accident, officers have reported that the driver stated he lost consciousness prior to the accident. Additionally, police indicated that they do not believe alcohol or drugs were involved in the accident. As investigations continue, CHP has asked anyone with information about the collision to contact them and report what they know. Callers should use the local CHP number, (530) 632-3832.

Often, solo-vehicle accidents are caused by a number of causal factors and may have involved things drivers cannot control, like malfunctioning car parts. In these situations, third parties may share financial responsibility for accident-related damages.

Rollovers and Liability

When vehicles overturn, the roof needs to be able to protect occupants. When a roof crushes during a rollover, the company that manufactured the car might be considered negligent, meaning that injured parties can seek compensation from these companies through personal injury claims. If you’ve been injured in a rollover crash, it’s important to keep your wrecked car so that your lawyer can determine if the roof was defective.

Calling an Attorney

The process of injury recovery can be very difficult as well as highly expensive. To make sure that you can afford the medical care you need to regain your health, it’s important to consult with a Chico personal injury attorney about your ability to claim compensation. Even if you are unsure of whether or not you have a viable claim, most lawyers will give you free advice over the phone. So, there’s no reason to delay getting professional help.

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