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August 26, 2022
Edward Smith

How to Observe Be Kind to Humankind Week

Be Kind To Humankind Week is an annual celebration of kindness observed from August 25 to 31. Recognized globally, the observance is a time for everyone to reflect on what we can do to improve this world and consider the impact of being kind to our fellow humankind.

The entire week aims to encourage people to show and perform acts of kindness for seven days. However, we hope to continue being kind to each other and practicing kindness throughout the year. Research shows kindness encourages empathy toward others and brings about healthy and improved quality of life.

How You Can Be Kind

The golden rule is to treat others the way you would want to be treated. That means be kind to others, and they will treat you with kindness.

Sometimes, we can be overwhelmed with our daily routines, never-ending to-do lists, and busy schedules. However, all it takes is a simple act of kindness to boost our mood while brightening someone else’s day.

During Be Kind to Humankind Week, we encourage you to carry out a specific daily goal for seven days. These can be done anytime to promote positivity at home, work, or school and can go a long way toward boosting morale.

Below are seven tips to make the most of Be Kind to Humankind Week.

Show You Care

Demonstrate compassion by volunteering for a cause you are passionate about. You could volunteer to run food deliveries for the local food bank, dish out food to rescue dogs at the animal shelter, bring small gifts to children in a cancer ward, read to seniors at an assisted living home, or volunteer at the women’s shelter.

Helping others has been scientifically proven to increase life span, boost happiness, and decrease pain. Even if you only spent a week volunteering, the time spent helping others will benefit you for years.

Be Courteous on the Road

Road rage is a common thing nowadays. Even if you don’t chase someone down the road, some of us are guilty of being too aggressive while driving at some point. It’s because we are always in a hurry, rushing from one place to another.

Focus on driving as courteously as possible. Pull over promptly for emergency vehicles, let someone into your lane, don’t tailgate, and share the road with bicyclists. Being a courteous driver can drastically reduce stress levels and help keep you and everyone safer on the road.

Speak Nicely

Our words illuminate our thoughts and actions, and speaking kindly to one another is essential. It can help reduce stress and promote a better lifestyle.

Focus on encouraging kind words from others and complimenting people you admire. Tell a friend you love them or thank someone for their hard work. Teach children to speak nicely and avoid gossiping. These actions may be simple, but they can promote a more welcoming world.

Offer a Helping Hand

There are many great ways to offer your help. Fantastic options include volunteering for a community project, helping a sick relative clean,  giving a hard-up acquaintance a ride to work, or donating unused household items to needy people.

If you know someone struggling to get their chores done, ask if you can help. Something as simple as getting groceries for someone can help and also lift their spirits tremendously.

Treat Others Kindly

Being considerate and thoughtful is a powerful skill that can increase the quality of life for those around you. Be thoughtful of others by cooking dinner for someone in need, buying diapers and baby goods for a struggling family, holding the door for a stranger, and saying “please” and “thank you.” It is not hard to be thoughtful, and although the actions are simple, the practice is compelling.

Let Go of Grudges

Let go of grudges and start fresh. Although forgiving someone is often easier said than done, forgiveness is essential to living a cohesive, healthy, and happy life.

Start your journey toward forgiveness by refusing to harbor negative thoughts toward those who have wronged you. When things get easier, reach out and try to reconcile or just dial back your feelings of anger toward that person. No matter how you choose to forgive, the act of forgiving will help you get closure and move on with your life.

Spread Random Acts of Kindness

Showing kindness does not have to be big or showy. Kindness is often as easy as writing a heart-felt “get well” card for a sick friend. Other ways to be kind include calling a loved one just to say hello, complimenting a stranger, offering to watch a friend’s kids so the parents can have a date night, or simply listening to someone in distress.

Being kind is simple, and the ripple effect of genuine compassion and kindness truly has the power to change the world.

Watch YouTube Video: Random Acts of Kindness Ideas – 20 Acts of Kindness Ideas. The following video provides more random acts of kindness ideas.

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