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boating accidentsBoating accidents are numerically much less common than car crashes, but the “typical” boating accident can result in much more significant injuries than the “typical” car crash. Obviously, most people involved in car crashes will be using seat belts and/or shoulder harness, and in most cars will have the benefit of air bags and other modern safety equipment. In a boating accident, about the most that can be hoped for in terms of safety equipment is that victims will be wearing life jackets that may save them from drowning if they’re ejected from the boat.

A recent example was a boating accident on the Sacramento River near Red Bluff that resulted in injuries to seven people, three of whom had to be taken to a hospital, one of those with significant head injuries who was transported first by ambulance and then by helicopter to a trauma center. Other injuries included a broken arm and hip for the man who was driving the boat. The accident apparently happened when the boat crossed the large wake of another boat, causing the driver to lose control and crash into a bridge piling where Interstate-5 crosses the river.

American River Rafting Deaths

Injuries Resulting from American River Rafting 

With the days getting warmer, many Northern Californians’ thoughts turn to summer and the plethora of outdoor activities available in our area, including rafting on the American River.  While the immediate Sacramento region features a rather mild experience from the university area to Fair Oaks that is popular with college-aged rafters looking for more of a party atmosphere, we are not far from the Middle Fork, which provides a more exciting experiencing – including Class II & Class III rapids and a few exhilarating Class IV drops.

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