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Carmichael Scooter Rider Injured by Fleeing Driver

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January 24, 2024
Edward Smith

Walnut Avenue Locale of Accident Involving Carmichael Scooter Rider

A Carmichael scooter rider was injured on January 19 by a driver who fled the accident scene. The collision happened just after 4:00 p.m. at the intersection of Walnut and El Camino avenues. The minor was in the crosswalk when he was struck, according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP)

Carmichael Scooter Rider Struck in Crosswalk

The electric scooter rider reported that his helmet fell off and was broken. He said he was walking his scooter in the crosswalk when the vehicle struck him. The young man also reported that male and female occupants of a vehicle got out, helped him up, and then left the scene. 

Missing Driver Sought in Crash Involving Carmichael Scooter Rider

The accident was transferred to the Sacramento Fire Department, which arrived with medics to assess the rider’s injuries. A witness was reported to be at the accident scene. The CHP traffic accident investigation unit is looking into the incident to determine the fault and locate the missing driver. 

Collisions Between an Electric Scooter and a Driver

A Carmichael scooter rider faces significant dangers in a traffic accident. An electric scooter rider who is hit by a car is likely to sustain serious injuries. You can suffer life-threatening injuries even if you are wearing a helmet. When you are involved in a severe collision, you can suffer traumatic brain or spinal cord injuries and other serious trauma. You may have a long road to recovery if you survive such an accident.

What Attorney Investigators Do to Find a Hit-and-Run Driver

If you’ve been injured in an accident and are wondering how lawyers and investigators locate a driver who fled the scene, rest assured that various methods are employed, making the task less daunting than it may initially appear.

One of the initial steps investigators take is to review police reports. Often, multiple witnesses are present during accidents, and the police report typically contains valuable information about them. In hit-and-run cases, witness testimony can be instrumental in pinpointing the driver responsible.

Additionally, investigators thoroughly examine the accident site for the presence of surveillance cameras. By scrutinizing video footage from these cameras, they can successfully identify the negligent driver. Furthermore, by inspecting the area, they may discover paint marks or dropped metal fragments, which can provide valuable clues for identifying the vehicle’s make and model.

A Motorized Scooter Injury Attorney Can Help

An electric scooter accident may qualify you for compensation if a negligent driver injured you. To build a strong case for damages, you need a personal injury attorney with experience investigating accidents. The damages you could recover may include medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, etc. Contact one of our accident attorneys today for a free case review to get more information about your legal rights and options.

The following qualities are essential to look for in an accident attorney, according to injury lawyer Ed Smith:

Pedestrian Accident Attorney in Carmichael

I’m Ed Smith, a pedestrian accident lawyer in Carmichael. If you have been injured due to a driver’s negligence, please contact us. You can receive free and friendly advice about the potential for financial recovery from us. Our local number is (916) 921-6400, and our toll-free number is (800) 404-5400. Contact us using our online form if you prefer. 

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