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Carmichael Pedestrian Fatality Leads to Shooting of Suspect

Two-Intersection Accidents Result in Multiple Injuries and a Pedestrian Fatality

A pedestrian fatality, three injuries, and a shooting occurred in Carmichael on June 21 following a series of chaotic events. According to the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office, they received a phone call about an erratic driver on the sidewalk driving a black pickup at the intersection of Manzanita Avenue and Fair Oaks Boulevard. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) reported that this is where the pickup struck a pedestrian a minimum of two times. 

Witness Trying to Help Injured Pedestrian Struck by Driver

A witness to the incident tried to assist the downed pedestrian. This was when the pickup came back around, striking the good Samaritan. The pedestrian, identified as a male, age 69, died in the incident. Major injuries were suffered by the good Samaritan, who is a 33-year-old woman. 

Driver Slams Into Vehicle, Forcing Occupant to Run

Following this deadly incident, the pickup driver went to an area around Cypress Avenue, where it intersects with Hackberry Lane. There, the driver struck a vehicle, which pushed it around one hundred yards. The authorities say the suspect then exited the pickup and attacked the vehicle and possibly the occupant inside with a crowbar. Fortunately, the vehicle occupant was able to escape and ran away. 

Gunfire Reported as Two People Struggle Over its Possession

The driver of the pickup wasn’t finished. The sheriff’s office reported that the suspect was in possession of a gun and got into a fight over it with another individual nearby. Sgt. Rod Grassman stated that the two individuals fought over the gun, and it went off several times. The sergeant said he wasn’t sure if anyone had been hit by the gunfire. 

Suspect Shot While Fighting for Possession of the Gun

It was then that a family member of the individual who was struggling with the suspect over the gun came out and fired at the pickup driver, causing a non-life-threatening injury. Because of the large police presence at both the intersection of Manzanita Avenue and Fair Oaks Boulevard as well as Cypress Avenue and Garfield Avenue due to the attacks and hit-and-run, the public was told to avoid the areas.

Filing for Punitive Damages Following a Pedestrian Fatality

Those who are injured in an accident caused by someone’s negligence are able to file for compensation to pay their medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages. Families who lose a loved one in a pedestrian fatality may place a claim for wrongful death. Under certain circumstances, the injured party or family that lost a loved one may ask for punitive damages.

When the Court Awards Punitive Damages in a Pedestrian Fatality

Punitive damages are awarded by the court as a punishment against the offender and to dissuade others from performing similar actions that cause injuries or fatalities. When the serious injury or death was caused by oppression, malice, or fraud, punitive damages may be awarded, which are often much higher than those in a personal injury or wrongful death. In other words, the action that led to the injury or death was intentional or extremely reckless.

Punitive Damage Awards in a Pedestrian Fatality

Although some states place a cap on the amount that can be awarded in punitive damages, there is no cap in California. Awards for punitive damages can total hundreds of thousands of dollars, and in some cases, millions.

Filing a Survival Action Following the Death of a Loved One

If punitive damages following a loved one’s death are sought by the family, they are awarded through filing a survival action. Under a survival action, the decedent’s estate files in place of the deceased person to recover medical expenses and punitive damages. 

Seeking Advice About Placing a Claim

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